The Russian Cabinet of Ministers headed by the innovative and enlightened technocrat

Who is he, the new Prime Minister of the new government of Russia, and under article 192 of the Constitution, the second person in the country after the President?

No record, but a unique result. For the first time since 1996, not a single vote “against” the candidate for Prime Minister. Before the vote, discussion. Instead of the allotted 15 minutes, the report mishustina fit in 10. All clear and to the point. The landmark of the new government targets set out in the President’s Message.

“In the first place — taking care of children, the family, increasing their wealth and improving quality of life. Thanks to macroeconomic stability and a surplus budget, we have financial sources for the implementation of all set by the President tasks, starting from January this year”, — said the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

– As the Prime Minister that you will primarily be done to improve the pace of implementation of national projects? – asked the Chairman of state Duma Committee on financial market Anton Guetta.

– you Must first stimulate the growth of investment, it is very important to return the lost trust between the government and business, serious talk about what hinders to remove costs and unnecessary pressure. In addition, to spend money on SWF investment in infrastructure — said Mishustin.

– As you estimate the initiative of fraction of LDPR about cancellation or freezing of payment of Russians on credit obligations? asked Alexei Didenko, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Federal structure and local self-government.

– Bad value, — admitted Mikhail Mishustin. — Write-off of credit obligations will lead to a series of bankruptcies. People will lose money – those who are not to blame. Actually, I appreciate bad write-off as still acting tax collector.

– Mikhail Vladimirovich, I suggest you never speak in the negative: I will not, will not, will not work. On the contrary, say, work, will dumateI will create a Commission, look. People want to know something, — said the head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

the liberal democratic party eventually voted “for”. Supported “Fair Russia”. “I have no doubt that you will solve those grandiose and ambitious tasks set before the country the President,” — said its leader Sergey Mironov.

“It’s clear the Manager, a very sociable person. He has good thoughts, ideas,” — said Sergei Neverov, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma, the head of the faction “United Russia”.

on the Eve of voting Mishustin met with the factions separately. No cameras. Any hints on the future of the team Mishustin has so far refrained. That is why I decided to abstain and the Communist party. “He has developed expertise that deserves attention and maximum support. We are currently not able to vote in favour for the reason that we don’t know the team, what program he would eventually propose,” — said the head of CIPFG Gennady Zyuganov.

by the Way, the first personnel decision Mishustin was actually taken in front of deputies. During the voting on the balcony in the front row — Daniel Egorov, former Deputy, and now the new head of the Federal tax service.

He Mishustin in tax authorities since August 1998. Deputy head of service, Deputy Minister of taxes and duties. Education systems engineer. Look — an enlightened technocrat. Among his innovations is good, to which we quickly become accustomed: INN, digital signature, personal account of the taxpayer.

And here is the footage 2011. The President sets the task to make life easier for business. Across the country today – online cash. It transmits data to the Tax in real time. To pass the paper based reporting is not necessary. In the Information center of the Tax service see it in person.

to Find purchase even on your smartphonenot using the application “Check check”. Civilized and comfortable in the offices. Come even with infants.

a few years ago to get to the 46th tax, the entrepreneur had to go through all the circles of hell. Many hours of night line outside, crush and swearing inside. Today — no queues. Try to take a pass. Less than a minute left, and my room was already on fire. You can go to the window.

Today, technologies of the Russian Tax service come to learn the whole world.

One of the achievements in the Guinness Book of records. Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov has paid Land tax from space through his personal account.

In the former reception mishustina unusually quiet. Secretaries with undisguised sadness watching the stream of government, which has hung a new sign. In this study Mikhail V. Mishustin has worked the last 10 years. During this time, the number of field tax audits in Russia decreased by 5 times. But the collection of taxes for the last 5 years has increased by half.

Today, the Tax provides 78% of budget revenues. The growth of tax revenues ahead of GDP growth. To open a business has become easier for Russia up in Doing Business rating from 120th to 28th place. Tax terror and gray scheme with VAT refund — in the past.

At 53 Mishustin — doctor of Sciences, author of books and monographs. He has three sons. Plays the piano. Sports Hobbies — hockey. Hereditary hockey fan, member of the Supervisory Board of the club. His name is even engraved on the Gagarin Cup.

the Transition to a new job at Michael mishustina occurred rapidly. On Wednesday he came out of this building as the head of the FNS, and already on January 15 the head of the government in the White house was found with its predecessor, Dmitry Medvedev. The main intrigue of the next few days, who is now Mikhail Mishustin will invite to your new office.

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