The Swedes are Finns left without medals of the world youth championship

In the Czech Ostrava has determined the bronze medalist of ice hockey world championship for players under the age of 20 years. Bronze challenged hockey players of Sweden and Finland. The victory with the account 3:2 has brought medals “Tre kronor”.

Team Finland during the match, twice led in the account, but the Swedish athletes each time I took it out, and in the middle of the match for the first time, came forward and were able to keep the winning score.

as part of the Swedish national team, the authors of goals became Rasmus Sandin, Samuel Hagemo and Linus öberg. The Finns, winners of the previous world Cup, goal to your recorded Puistola Patrick and Mathias Maccelli.

Recall that the gold of the world championship will compete for team Russia and Canada. The meeting will be held on Sunday, January fifth. The meeting will begin at 21:00 Moscow time.