The terrible truth of Auschwitz: the UN has opened the exhibition for the 75th anniversary of camp's liberation

the World should honor the memory of Soviet soldiers who stopped the plague of Nazism. This statement was made by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, opening the exhibition, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The exhibition contains photos and documents from museums of Russia and Israel.

the Terrible truth of Auschwitz is not to semitones. Black pencil and white paper had the artist Zinovy Tolkachev to capture. “The memory of Auschwitz” (the German name for death camps) called this series the schedule. In the 45th ordinary Tolkachev liberated the camp in which Zoltan Matyas came with his family from his native town of Mukachevo. The name immediately replaced the room and 75 years later read in a hand full of thick awl tattoo.

“And 6307. The father was A 6308” he says.

He and the father Jacob is the only one who survived. Zoltan — year-old boy — saved high growth. Children together with the elderly and the sick (i.e. those who are not able to work), the Nazis, having passed through the gate with the false inscription “Work makes you free”, in a few hours sent to the gas chambers.

“There is one guy asked my father: “How old is your son?” He said “13”. Then the man said, “I will Say that 18”. The father asks: “why?” – “Do what I told you.” You know, and it was. We passed near this fascist Mengele. He gave the stick back where it went,” says Matyas.

the Winter of 1945, Matthias and 13 thousand prisoners naked and barefoot, the Nazis marched to Buchenwald, was afraid of a Soviet attack. With heavy fighting, liberating Poland, to Auschwitz eager Red army.

Archival photo provided by the Museum of Victory. There are many rare pictures. That Marshal Konev during the Vistula-Oder operation. But the soldiers of the 59th army of the First Ukrainian front. They are the liberators of Auschwitz.

Now, when trying Peraito sevati, portraying the characters as aggressors and liberators as invaders the power of truth in those original images.

“Historical memory you need to store. It is we, Russian citizens and citizens of the former Soviet Union, entered in the DNA together with the great Patriotic war. And, of course, those attempts to rewrite history that we see today, attempts to give the characters behind the invaders and the collaborators for the characters is absolutely unacceptable,” — said Vasily sebenza.

this is the head of the Israeli mission. Permanent mission, headed by Danny Danon, produced pictures, which depicted survivors of the death factories.

“We are grateful to the red army. This is an important day not only for the Jewish people but also Russian in the world, thanks to the spirit and power of the red army, who came and liberated the camp. Today we will hear from survivors, we hear of liberators and thank them all,” says Israel’s permanent representative to the UN Danny Danon.

to Thank the liberated and the liberators came UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres. At the invitation of the organizers responded and many permanent representatives, including the head of mission USA Kelly Kraft.

“we Need to focus on the celebration of the 75th anniversary, but we must always remember that we want peace and security. That’s what’s important, and therefore it is our responsibility and duty as the security Council,” — said the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Kelly Kraft.

the opening of the exhibition of archival documents is the beginning of a series of commemorative events on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. 27 January international day of commemoration in memory of Holocaust victims at a special meeting will convene the General Assembly of the United Nations.