The travelers crossed the Ural in a balloon

In the vicinity of Magnitogorsk landed balloonists-marathoners. Week, they crossed the Ural mountains. In winter, the balloons traveled hundreds of kilometers from Ufa to TRANS-Ural plains. Interestingly, at the start in the path of the brave travelers conducted by our colleagues from GTRK “Bashkortostan” and at the finish I met the correspondent GTRK “southern Ural” Julia Chereshnev.

Victoria Arshava – pilot of thermal balloon. Five years ago, after the first time rose into the sky in a hot air balloon, decided to change her bored with the profession of accountant on the romantic. Now with knowledge of the case tells how to prepare the aircraft. On the question of why does a man’s job, laughs: in their case no such distinction.

“Set the burner, connected the cables, here the shell will connect, the sleeves are prepared, now the cylinders apart and fly”, – shows the pilot of thermal balloon (Moscow) Victoria Arshava.

Festival of ballooning – a large-scale project of the Republic of Bashkortostan for development of tourism. To fly over the Ural mountains, come not only from all corners of the country. Nairi family specially came to the festival from Armenia.

“we also Have beautiful mountains, but we need to see the mountains everywhere is different and everywhere has its own beauty,” said the pilot of thermal balloon (Yerevan) Nairi Barsegyan. “Last year was such a cool Ural conditions, it was -28 , but we don’t freeze. Do you know why? Because the height of the wind is, you. You move with the vest and aren’t you cold”, – says the coordinator of the festival of Aeronautics “Samrau” Inaya Adrenline.

15 minutes before launch the balloons begin to inflate. By the way, everyone – the name here is “Star of Siberia” and “Mr. Ural”. First off almost immediately. First, the balloon floats slowly, and you can even see down a herd of deer. Then the balloon Nabiraet the speed of 50 km per hour. Ural mountains – one of the most beautiful places in Russia – top as on the palm. Which you can admire the entire flight was more than two hours. Rise above the clouds – about 3000 meters.

Land on the lake in winter – a special treat. This sport, as the participants say, on the icy surface almost under sail carries several meters.

“Listen, the flight is awesome, I have so many years of flying and have never seen!” – says the pilot of thermal balloon (Moscow) Sergei Bazhenov.

All 10 balloons landed at different points, some flew beyond the lake. But all parties have already agreed next year will again conquer the Ural mountains.

Text: STRC “South Ural”