The veteran, insulted roller Navalny, expressed words of support

words of encouragement and well wishes today sound to the veterans of the great Patriotic war of Ignat Artemenko. 93-year-old soldier felt bad after the recent rants of the blogger Navalny. Tom did not like that movie RT on amendments to the Constitution. And his comments he gave and personal insults.

relatives of the veteran, as it tried to protect from this information it could not. Had to call an ambulance, which diagnosed “ischemic heart disease in the nervous system”, reports channel “Russia 24”. The situation was commented by the members of the presidential Council for civil society development and human rights.

“I Have to respect veteran’s clenched fists. My grandfather fought. Looking at his gray hair and ribbons, in addition to emotions of gratitude for the life I have nothing else appears. So the man who dares to insult the older, a veteran, a decent person, cause I have only contempt,” — said in his blog on the website of the presidential Council managing partner law office of Moscow “Zotikov, Gorgadze and partners” Shota Gorgadze.

“I Have, my father, who was the Great Patriotic war and participated in the Victory Parade, his front-line friends with whom he broke through the blockade, and all that generation by which we live today. My hero – #Basilicanova. And someone in the Pantheon, apparently, Vlasov. And it is for us, it turns out, maybe after 75 years after the Victory. Don’t want to vote for the amendments to the Constitution, don’t vote, but why are our heroes mud to water? It is despicable and disgusting”, said the owl opinion the Moscow city Duma Deputy Irina Velikanova.

“When we lead the debate on the Constitution, if, on any political issues, let’s assume that each person has the right to Express his opinion and his opinion is not a reason to insult him,” — said on his page on the social network Facebook head of public relatthe driver didn of the Department “Regions” Russia Today Ekaterina Vinokurova.