This is exactly the Nicholas? The Basques during the quarantine has lost 16 kilos

While some stars complained that during the forced isolation of coronavirus was gaining weight, others used this time to change your appearance for the better.

Many have already shared their photos in social networks, however, the most surprising result, perhaps, demonstrated a 43-year-old Nikolai Baskov.

“the Real blonde” posted on his Instagram photo, which fans did not even know of his idol.

First, thinner and younger Basques published the red cap with the recognition that he really wants the sea, and gathered underneath a huge number of enthusiastic reviews.

afterwards he said that during the quarantine has lost 16 pounds, and accompanied the photos “before” and “after”.

Commentators noted that the look of the Basques began to look brutal, and asked if he was going, changing the image, change the repertoire.