Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) has apparently become the victim of art thieves. As the Bundestag confirmed a report by “Stern” on Friday, Schröder filed a criminal complaint last Monday because three paintings disappeared from the hallway in front of his office in a parliament building.

Accordingly, there are two wood prints by the painter and graphic artist Uwe Bremer and a graphic by an unnamed Chinese artist.

Schröder’s offices are in the Otto-Wels-Haus, which is a few hundred meters from the Reichstag building on the Unter den Linden boulevard. According to the report, the artworks hung there for 16 years in the public area of ​​the building. No information was given about their value.

Some of Schröder’s privileges as former chancellor were axed last week. The Budget Committee of the Bundestag decided to close its office. Last year alone, more than 400,000 euros flowed from the state coffers for personnel expenses there. However, the former chancellor is still entitled to a pension and personal protection.