To combat COVID-19 in Ekaterinburg will be delivered 100 of the ventilator

Yekaterinburg ill with the coronavirus took 80 percent designed for them hospital beds. In a serious condition with COVID-19 and pneumonia — more than a hundred people, about 30 of them connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs. A new batch of vital equipment brought to the region by plane.

the Plane with the long-awaited cargo. The Urals brought another batch of humanitarian aid worth 3 million 300 thousand dollars. The Saint Catherine Foundation with funds of the General Director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Russian Copper company” Igor Altushkin has acquired 100 ventilators.

In containers is only part of humanitarian assistance. Charter flight from China to Yekaterinburg delivered until 20 ventilators. The rest of the necessary medical equipment will be delivered to the Urals the second Board until the end of may.

Humanitarian aid is equally divided between the two regions ventilators are already waiting for the doctors of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions.

“ventilators, which arrived today, definitely will be in demand by our doctors. Are waiting for them, their lack of obvious, and these 100 units will really help to close this need,” says Director of the Foundation “St. Catherine” Alexander Andreev.

meanwhile, Sverdlovsk oblast in sixth place in Russia on the incidence. During the day, 171 new case of coronavirus. In total, the region 3 614 patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19, 14 deaths and 1 recovery 207. In the Sverdlovsk region since the beginning of the pandemic surveyed 214 thousand people.

“we Have one of the lowest smertnosti the Russian Federation, while not the lowest percentage of pneumonia. One of the reasons is early detection of, respectively, the earlier and more effective treatment” — explains the Vice-Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Paul Krekov.

But anyway with the gradual removal of restrictions on Average Urale not in a hurry. Mode to 1 June. But in municipalities with favorable epidemiological situation is already reduced the provision of routine medical care.

“One of the promising solutions is to introduce in hospitals the days of a healthy patient. This allows you to separate threads to ensure the safety of patients and return to the planned methods of population medical consultations and vaccination,” — said the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev.

Under special control in Yekaterinburg Zheleznodorozhny district. There are a lot of cases as a coronavirus, as SARS and pneumonia. Compliance with mask mode and isolation on the control of the police and the Ministry of public security.

– please Tell me why without masochki?

– We only went only went out of the car.

– didn’t know that we have introduced the compulsory wearing of masks?

No, sorry.

a large-Scale test took place in the market “Taganskiy Ryad”. This morning is composed of half a dozen protocols and materials. Checks are continuing.