To escape the Rut didn't have to pretend to be a bass

the Plot for the spy blockbuster. Carlos Ghosn, one of the most famous and influential senior executives in the automotive world, has escaped from house arrest in Japan. He is now in Lebanon. Under investigation in Japan, the former head of the concern Renault — Nissan — Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn was in the fall of 2018. He was accused of tax evasion in the amount of $ 71 million. Gon with charges does not agree and claims that they fled not from justice, but from injustice.

Escape the Rut is a shame for Japanese law enforcement. The prisoner managed to outwit and round the clock security at home and security Kansai airport. Lebanese media reports that the Rut exported from Japan in the double bass case. But is it possible?

If only Carlos Ghosn was able to foresee what will turn him this daring and adventurous escape from Japan to Lebanon in the box of musical instruments, it would be hard and a lot of thought to run or not to run or where to run, because it is already here in Beirut, and his house became the Manager of a kind of prison. He wanted everything: Japanese police, Interpol, the Prosecutor’s office in Lebanon, and journalists. The house of Gon in the Christian district of Ashrafieh surrounded on all sides by the security forces and resembles a fortress.

Today, throughout the night there were lit Windows, there was some preparation. Japanese representatives had left his garage and in the garage with great caution relate to the fact how to leave Carlos Ghosn out of the house because parked the car sit two Interpol agent.

the Japanese Ambassador in Lebanon, Takeshi Okubo frequent in the residence of Lebanese President Michel Aoun. The Japanese are pushing through mid. Carlos Ghosn was summoned for questioning. And that’s the trick, which gon does “their” is not expected. He remembered a trip to Israel and a meeting with the President of the neighboring country with which Lebanon is still at war. Immediately after the interrogation, lawyer Carlos Aboujaoude tried to run away from journalists, but was blocked in its the car.

“I Can say that it was not an interrogation, and explanation of my client’s Carlos Ghosn. He answered questions from prosecutors and told me that I am satisfied with the discussion I had,” said Carlos Aboujaoude.

However, the Rut immediately after the interrogation was forbidden to leave Lebanon. And this joyless limitation: certainly not the one he was waiting for the Lebanese house.

“of Course, we have a special Allergy to those who have visited Israel. Sure that’s all Lebanese,” said Bilal Abdallah, a member of the Lebanese Parliament.

Now, the Japanese security forces shamefully missed the Rut, don’t calm down — they turned to him through the foreign Ministry and offered voluntarily to come back and prove his innocence. However, the gun sat in a Japanese – speaking, the most harsh prison, where they still execute, — chose a life in freedom and a humiliating escape in a box chose prison Japanese rice porridge. And so the question of a journalist about the feeling in the box he replied emotionally.

Mr. Ghosn, of course, that you don’t really want to talk more about the details of your escape, but it’s so dramatic. Tell us about your feelings when you were flying into the box towards freedom?

– Until you feel you are in danger, especially in such situations. So, to answer the question of what I felt of course I was nervous, worried and hoped, but at some point I kind of became a mute. I felt like I was in some 13-month nightmare that began with the moment I saw the face of the Prosecutor, and ended when I saw my wife’s face — confessed rut.

Speaking at a press conference gon arrived under guard, afraid of being arrested by Interpol.

in General, at a press conference that the fugitive Manager decided to be held in Beirut, trying to explain, he apologized to the Japanese and even explained to them in love, and before the Lebanese people — for visiting Israel.

“of Course, I apologize for coming to Israel. I understand that Lebanonant touched it. To hurt the Lebanese people is the last thing I wanted to do,” said gon.

However, in the Lebanese Parliament is not so clear. There are a huge number of MPs francophiles who are proud of not only friendship with the European Union, but also personally with Carlos Ghosn, this means that the top Manager in the near future to worry about.

Ghosn has already met, and personally, with the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun (although it’s a very private story) to enlisted the support.

“He crossed the border legally in the usual way, to which he is entitled. We from the point of view of the Lebanese state did not violate any international agreements with Japan and at the same time adhere to and comply with the law of his country,” — said one of the deputies of the Lebanese Parliament.

But the main question is how gon had left Japan and crossed the border?

it All happened quite quickly. 29 Dec gon crosses the sterile area of a Japanese airport in the box and already the number 30 appears in the early morning in Beirut.

for the Philharmonic orchestra of Beirut now have a new box for musical equipment. And it seems that the Pro version of the case for double bass was not quite true. And box, albeit empty, but as the material evidence, obviously, not left in Turkey, and he arrived in Lebanon.

covered with iron, quite lightweight, on rollers, with the clasps – it is quite a fit person growth of 167 centimeters. It is convenient to transport and ship the plane. To get into the box, to spend a few hours — I must give credit to Carlos Ghosn, his fear of Japanese justice, his sense of self-preservation. But as there is embezzlement, financial fraud? The Japanese will complete the investigation very soon. And Gon will have a tough time either to go to prison for visiting Israel, or to be ekstrudirovannyy to Japan and back network. But there is still France who is willing to accept its citizens, if, of course, Interpol will be able dogto ovaritis.

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