To justify the high trust of the people in Russia summing up the results of voting on the Constitution

In support of the amendments to the Basic law of the country spoke nearly 78 percent of Russians — these are the data of the Central electoral Commission after processing of all protocols. Vs — 21 percent. The turnout was nearly 68 percent — is significantly higher than in ‘ 93, when they adopted the Constitution. The percentage of those who “for” in 2020, significantly more. In addition, the campaign this year was unprecedented in its openness.

20:00 closed polling stations throughout the country. Have unused ballots cut corners, not to confuse with the ones next to the answer to the question is checked. Separately show that the safe packet, where the documents were stored all this time, unharmed, and then open the seals on the ballot boxes. All of this takes place under the scrutiny of observers.

“During the counting of the votes, I did not reveal any violations, that have all passed openly and fairly,” shared by observer Mikhail Kovalenko.

the Turnout was nearly 68 percent — came into sections of about seventy-five million people. But in ‘ 93, when we adopted the Constitution itself, the activity was much less — about 55 percent or 58 million people.

“Such a high activity of Russians and their approval of the amendments was expected, first, because these changes are overdue. Secondly, a lot of people were involved in the preparation of these amendments, in their discussion, the institutions of civil society and, of course, of course and obviously, it was, I would say, the people’s amendment,” — said the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko.

the voting was all done for the people — free personal protective equipment to guarantee security in the areas. Proposed a set of ballots of different ways: at home, in the workplace and even online (only for residents of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region). Technological breakthrough — even system of gas “Vybory” processed protocols faster than ever.

On the Bulletin Board — preliminary results of a months-long campaign and the week of voting. Here, in the boardroom of the Central election Commission, the Chairman of the Commission Ella Pamfilova announced figures across the country. To become official, they still need to approve at a meeting of the CEC.

Voting days were distributed evenly, but most of all it’s, of course, July 1 — the date was scheduled a vote, and, in addition, I come to the site and the President himself. Compulsory measures to protect the population from coronavirus, has been so successful and popular that they propose to use in the future.

“Now we study the needs of society. The demand was great, people liked these principles, they appeared reluctant. We offered these seven days, spread in time, in space, offered everything else. It paid off, people liked it”, — said Ella Pamfilova.

the reasons for the high turnout is a response to proven during a pandemic moral leadership of Russia, its citizens and the President. The country strictly observe the values of saving lives, helping other countries. And while the US and Europe, the constitutions of which human life is also referred to as a basic value, decide whom to treat and whom not, Russia has fought for every life.

the Constitution stipulates the protection of historical memory. Even in the face of a pandemic, the country was able to celebrate 9 may, and made it even warmer and heartier than usual. Parade was held on 24 June and right before the voting opened Rzhevskiy memorial in memory of those killed during the great Patriotic war. The society was consolidated around the fight against coronavirus, around preserve its history, and then around the vote.

“the Vote on the amendments to the Constitution affirming the support of the society proposed by the President of the course for the development of the country, of course, confronts the government with new tasks for the implementation of all directions of development of our country and reinforces the personal responsibility of each of us in entrusted area of work. I ask you, dear colleagues, to pay attention to it,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

Amendments and substantial experienced during a pandemic. All government support measures to the unemployed, families with children, the poor — they’re included in the new articles of the Basic law. People appreciated and consistency in the decisions of the President and what he is proposing amendments to the Constitution, appealed directly to the population, and the fact that the extra amendments in the Constitution there is no specifically for this purpose was created a working group. And this is also the fundamental difference from the Constitution of 1993 — now people vote only for what directly concerns them. And the turnout and the result showed that Russia is not what it was in the 90s. Now on the Foundation of the Constitution should grow new Russian laws.

in order For everything to go perfectly, there is a whole army of observers — they had a record number of more than half a million people. In the case of international experts, although the law did not envisage, they were invited, since the interest in the vote was great.

“We did not notice any violations. We were at the polling stations, watched, asked questions there, but there was nothing. We also saw that the voters were handing out masks and gels for hand disinfection”, — said the international expert Julie Lee Santa.

Serious violations, which would allow to doubt the result was not at all, and minor flaws are dismantled directly on the meetings of the CEC. But the fakes a gallery in the foreign press, but their time was also identified and exposed.

“a Few hundred henchmen, forboundary “puppeteers” were not able to baffle tens of millions of our fellow citizens, to influence their sovereign choice”, — said the Chairman of the interim Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs Andrey Klimov.

For the Constitution of ‘ 93 voted slightly more than 58 percent, and for modifying 2020, almost 78. In absolute terms, if we take the number of voters, among all who in Russia has the right to vote, between the results is also the abyss.

“Those who support, became twice more. So now we have all the opportunities to combine efforts and, if such consolidation to solve the problems facing the country, to make it even stronger, and, of course, solve the problems of citizens, which exist”, — said Vyacheslav Volodin.

In several regions was more than 90 percent voting. The absolute record — the Chechen Republic. Less than half — in a single Autonomous district.

“Almost all regions, except one, supported the amendments to the Constitution. I remind you that in 1993 the 17 regions of the amendments are not supported. Today they were supported by almost all, with the exception of the Nenets Autonomous district. I think the reason, in my opinion, is clear — because someone wanted to attach this to the Autonomous Okrug of Arkhangelsk region. This is a very small district, there is less than 50 thousand people live and, apparently, the residents of this County don’t want to anyone to join. Here is the protest vote happened,” — said the Chairman of the Council under the President of Russia on development of civil society and human rights Valery Fadeev.

the Result of Russia surpassed even the one that was in the presidential election of 2018, when Vladimir Putin voted almost 77 percent more than 56 million people. And it is in a difficult epidemiological conditions, which previously did not happen in the world counterparts.

“In this difficult situation, we held, in essence, a referendum on the Constitution. And this vote was, you know, not just vote for the Constitution, but a kind of referendum on the support of the President of the Russian Federation, its course, its system of measures to bring Russia out of the crisis, to support people and businesses during a pandemic,” said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

After the voting stations, which were located in schools, carefully disinfected again to prepare for the implementation of a unified state examination. It starts tomorrow. By the way, teachers who worked in election commissions, to take the exam will not — those are the recommendations of epidemiologists.