Undergraduates will be able to teach students

the Right to teach in schools before graduation gave students the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He signed a decree on making amendments to the law “On education in RF”. A presidential decree posted on the portal of legal information.

to Teach at the school successfully passed their exams, the students of the pedagogical universities, starting with the fourth course, said TASS, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on science, education and culture Viktor Smirnov. The rules of admission of students to teaching agree on and establish a Ministry of education, Ministry of education and Ministry of labor. And third year students from technical universities can lead the school at the additional educational programmes of clubs and societies. Among them, for example, a circle on robotics.

Law said that the kindergarten teachers hired prior to the entry into force of the law “On education” in 2012, is not subject to the requirement of secondary vocational or higher education. In fact, amendments to the law on education returned to the practice to the time of late Soviet Union and early Russian 1990s years.