Valentina Talyzina admitted that was for Ryazanov's

Valentina Talyzina on January 22 at the age of 85 years. People’s artist, the voice that says Nadia in “twist of fate”, still goes on stage native theater Mossovet, which is already 62 years old, and the audience know and love her roles in films that have become classics of Russian cinema.

the Master of the housing Department in the “Athos”, a provincial actress from the film “On the poor hussar say a word”, a friend Nadya from “Irony of fate”.

the First film by the actress was “Zigzag of luck”, just as Talyzina played in ten films of Eldar Ryazanov, though, according to her, Director “everything arranged”.

Valentina Illarionovna says that Ryazanov “divided women into two camps – the Muse and wife.” “I was only a housekeeper’s wife” — ironically the actress.

In the movie Talyzina played strong and independent, but unhappy in private life women.

it happened in her life. The husband of actress — artist Leonid Nepomnyashchii left her for another woman 5 years after the birth of their daughter Xenia.

the Actress is so upset by his departure that the 40 days spent in the clinic of neuroses. However, loneliness, Talyzina says, helped her to achieve great success in the profession.

However, the actress admits that she too cheated on a spouse – it happened when the film “Ivanov boat” Talyzina fell in love with his partner Yuri Orlov. However, despite the whirlwind romance, Talyzina did not destroy him and his family.

As Valentina Illarionovna recalls his wartime childhood and the hasty departure of the mother and escape from the Nazis from Baranovichi to Omsk?

Forgive Lee his father, who left them with my mother, fell in love with a woman from Poland?

Who the actress was replaced in the film “Zigzag of luck”, and who called her “ugly and non-pedigreed”? Where they met with Nepomniachtchi? How did you manage to cope with the stress of care husband?

“Destiny of man” Boris Korchevnikov, prepare for birthday surprises, Valentina Illarionovna Talyzina.