Vladimir Medinsky: exactly one hundred years ago the Red Army liberated Kiev

Today is the centenary of the historic event, which lately are few who remember. Exactly one hundred years ago the Red Army the first time, liberated Kiev.

After the First world war the territory of Ukraine is literally pulled apart by, and the capital, at least 15 times passed from hand to hand. After a series of coups Directory headed by Simon Petlyura. Several times he was removed from this post. In 1920, wanting to gain a foothold in Kiev, he signed a military agreement with the government of Pilsudski, and in fact surrendered the city to the Polish troops. At that time, the Warsaw dreamed about the revival of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the borders of the 17th century. His assessment of these events in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” was given by the historian and aide to President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

“the Polish army headed by Pilsudski attacked Soviet Russia. They occupied Minsk, the territory of modern Belarus more modern Lithuania, and on April 25, 1920 agreed with Petlura on joint action. Petlyura in response to the support of Poland promised them to give the entire Western Ukraine. In early may captured Kiev. But really, they sat there for a while. The red Army quickly regrouped, fought back and beat the poles right up to Warsaw. So on June 12, 1920 — the centenary of the liberation of Kiev”, — said Vladimir Medinsky.