Maxim Krysin, on Wednesday took hostage an employee of the capital’s financial institutions went to such a step because of the failure of the company to give him back the money invested and earned 220 thousand dollars. He confessed after police convinced him to remove the knife and let go of the young man.

the drama played out during the day on 15 January on the 13th floor of the Imperia tower in Moscow-city. According to Maxim, it follows that he entrusted to the “International financial centre” 10 thousand dollars saved up for five years. When he again approached the Manager a few months later, he proposed to remove him a bonus, and for the rest to come in three months.

“I bought for 220 thousand dollars, and the bonus was around 1 thousand dollars. I wanted to withdraw some of these funds to see that this is honestly all that the scheme is working. But I was stunned when he realized the situation. When I saw in the eyes of the Manager I will not see neither earned nor their money” — confessed suspect.

He quickly put the unwanted employee on the floor and threatened to use a knife, if you don’t get your money. To lay down their weapons and release the hostage 36-year-old Maxim was persuaded arrived on call guards.

“thank you, Lieutenant Colonel of police. It me roughly, stopped, made it clear that there is still the word of the officer. Looking into his eyes, he gave me to understand that there is justice,” — said the handcuffed a native of Belarus.

Maxim still expects to return earned from the auction. As soon as he can do it depends on the investigation and trial.