We were deceived: the people of Beskudnikovo are outraged by the reduction of the area of the square 2 times

Calculate the area of the future square in the Beskudnikovsky district of Moscow: this seemingly simple math problem I can’t solve neither local residents nor the architectural Committee. The green zone project was approved long ago, but the final figures from activists and officials somehow do not agree.

Beskudnikovsky district: quiet, and most importantly — green. So the question of development is dense with high-rises sharply touched everyone who live here a long time or grew up.

‘ there’s a five-storey residential district, all the trees, which for 60 years. And we can see that the green zone will be far lower.

the project really shows that by increasing the area of buildings, some trees will have to be removed. People don’t mind, but under one condition: need more space for walking. Because the population density will increase several times.

the question is the plot of land on which are homes that fall within a program of renovation. Local residents want in their place — as a continuation of the Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, appeared well-planned Park.

this public space has appeared and the main idea is to create the first in Moscow square in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

We wanted in the Park was the Museum of the second world war, was a stage, was a walk of fame, was a recreational area.

All of this was to accommodate almost 2 acres. The area of the future square, the locals were discussed with the architectural Committee and was very surprised when on paper the territory was halved.

– was specified its area of 1.72 hectares. We were deceived, reduced the area of the square in half, now it is 0.83 hectare.

the Ministry refer to a misunderstanding during a conversation is the sum of the area of the Boulevard and new green spaces.

“it would be Very convenient to those of 0.89 ha and 0.83 ha connect and call them square. But how did the documents is a separate territory with the name “Beskudnikovsky Boulevard,” the Department asked us to keep the name “Square” as separateth element”, — explains Igor Egorov, the first Deputy Director of the General architectural planning Department of Moscow city architecture Committee.

The first discussions were held only in oral form. But video from that night clearly shows what kind of area it is.

somehow, but people are sure of the additional area — a little less than a hectare — not enough, given the fact that the population of the Beskudnikovo district will grow significantly. Moreover, there will be no place for the proposed memorials. Therefore, residents require more time to discuss the concept of building area.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”