In Moscow today held a second consecutive record temperatures! This warn forecasters. The heat in European Russia continues to grow. How long will last such a hell? And what is the weather will change?

Exhausting, but all-taki long-awaited! In European Russia intensified heat waves. How long is she gonna stay? Where today will be above +30, and even 40?

At the beach and near the fountains — again sold out. Ponds, from the Northern lakes to the southern seas — now the most enjoyable way to escape from the heat. Of course, the court — in the month of June. The heat of summer. But even by the standards of the summer season, this week — too hot! On the eve of the majority of meteorological stations of the Russian plain were set daily temperature records. Maxima has been updated, for example, in Moscow, Pskov, Tver and even in St. Petersburg. In absolute terms, is +27..+30, and the capital was even higher than +31st!

I Note that thick — it is a good Foundation for thunderstorm activity. The atmosphere becomes unstable and the weather can rapidly deteriorate. On Wednesday, it happened in the East Central area and the North-West of Russia. In Leningrad, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl regions — the heat and the sun at some point was replaced by showers and thunderstorms. Sometimes the intensity of rainfall exceeds 20-30 mm in 12 hours. It was noted the floods, and in some places even dropped large hail.

Today the weather in the European part of the country as a whole will not change.

still hot. The highest value of the thermometers will continue to fix on the South. In the Lower reaches of the Volga and Caspian areas — above 35-40. In the area of abnormal overheating will again be the West and North-West of the Russian plain: there will be +30. Even up to the Arctic in the afternoon we expect about +20.

as for precipitation, the arrays of the cumulonimbus clouds will develop to the East of the Russian plain. Not only do they limit your daily warm-up, but and trigger thunderstorms, sometimes with hail and squally wind. The most intense showers will cover the Upper and Middle Volga: more than 10-20-mm in 24 hours.

for Example, in Saransk the weather turned bad in the afternoon. Lightning will Shine the rest of the day.

And daytime temperatures due to rain will not exceed 25-26 degrees. On Friday, the atmosphere will calm down for a while. And on Saturday the city will cover the storm clouds. Sunday, when the region will begin to flow the air mass from the North will be even cooler: only 19-20.

But in the centre until the stored heat. In Moscow today — again, about +31. It is very close to the record value recorded in 1895. Tomorrow is +30. Then the capital will break through the storm clouds, and slightly cooler. And resurrection power in the region will go to the Scandinavian anticyclone. And temperatures will become quite mild in the afternoon +22…+24.

Text: Meteotest