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“Well what is he a murderer?” Colleagues of Ephraim call for an end to “public flogging”


In the Ryazan region have buried Sergey Zakharov – a courier who died after a head-on collision of his car with a jeep Mikhail Yefremov, who was very drunk.

the Artist has recorded a video message of repentance, which is, in particular, such words: “I’m still sorry, although I know that will not forgive. The end. There is no longer any Ephraim”.

Family of the deceased to the artist don’t believe they think that they have more pity for himself than to Sergei. Financial compensation the family does not want to take and may not, as the lawyer said. They just want everything to be on the court.

Until now about the true cause of death of the son does not know the mother of the deceased: 88-year-old woman reported that his car crashed into a jeep of a famous actor, and said he died because of heart problems.

Honored artist, became the culprit fatal, is now under house arrest.

Many friends and colleagues of the actor in the TV channel “Russia 1”, expressing condolences to the family of Sergey Zakharov, calling for an end to “public flogging” of Ephraim.

this, in particular, said Alika Smekhova. She believes that Yefremov “just sick” and “himself punished, and repent.”

the Widow of Nicholas Karachentsova Lyudmila Porgina who knew the parents of the artist, pain says that “im in the sky right now is very hard”, and “Mike took and crushed the man, and themselves destroyed.”

Nikolai Tsiskaridze, who knew even great grandfather of Michael Efremova — Opera Director Boris Pokrovsky, and his mother Alla Pokrovskaya, asks the actor to go through hell, which he got, and at least during the investigation, leave it alone.

the Journalist Mikhail Leontyev expressed more emotionally: “Bear – a brilliant artist! He has a gift, well, what he’s a murderer, what can we do? Bear killer? Did not realize what he was really doing,” says a friend of Ephraim.

some called Irina Sterhova, which in recent years lived in Moscow Zakharov, “liefdevol” and have suggested that Zakharov’s family “PR” on this story. This, however, categorically denies the family’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

He says, the relatives of the deceased seek only that resonance is not hushed up, and the offers of compensation respond that the memory of Sergey to sell they can not.

Why didn’t his family believes in the justice court? That said, the brother of Sergey Zakharov on the proposal of Sergey Garmash to meet in person?

Why is the first wife Zakharova was supported by the Moscow Sergey mistress, not his second official wife?

And whether or not society, the media and social networks too cruel behave in relation to the penitent Mikhail Efremov?

read More about this in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.