What kind of coronavirus? The CDB came out of months-long coma 53-year-old patient

it’s hard To believe, but about the pandemic coronavirus knew nothing 53-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Sergey Shorokhov. All information about global quarantine, closing borders and mandatory preventive measures he missed because he was in a coma. Came in a few days. What’s it like to Wake up in a world quite similar to the previous?

the Story of Sergey shorohova similar to the plot of the novel “the Aviator” Eugene Vodolazkin. Two months in this, not a medically induced coma. Miraculous return to life, but in a world modified by coronaviruses. Here is the first interview from the chamber of the Central clinical hospital. Next to the patient who just woke up, devoted wife Elena.Sergei Valerievich tells how he perceived the new situation, and their private and world.

Now rustling at home, enjoys family, is puzzled by the fact that friends can’t visit. Now soon will travel abroad, familiar holiday favorite hobby.
After a routine surgery to remove a large brain tumor Sergei began to recover. Then the sudden sharp deterioration, coma, ventilator. And the victory over death — the doctors and the patient. “For me it’s crazy emotions, we see the results of their work. Once the patient cope, even a pandemic, we’ll manage”, — said Andrey Reutov, a neurosurgeon.

When Sergei began to gradually understand the situation, I was struck by the fact that his son, a high school graduate or last call, no prom. Submission of documents to the University online, and the only way. While a former patient of CCB have not quite got used to the new realities of life. That to be happy the world will now have, basically, thanks to the Internet.