Who in Washington home: murder Soleimani costly Trump

one hundred percent confidence that economic sanctions against Iran work, cautious confidence that Boeing shot down by a Ukrainian missile to Iran, and finally the uncertainty that “inevitably” cost to kill General Soleimani. This from journalists in the White house left the Secretary of state Pompeo. Reporters literally forced him to answer for his words. Uncertainty Pompeo is likely a consequence of the political disorder in the States.

the Protests at the White house … everywhere. America from coast to coast against war with Iran. The people of new York, Ohio, California took to the streets to say their “no” to the unreasonable orders of the administration of the trump.

– Why should we believe them, at least when it comes to such an important matter as war. You need to believe the opinion of people who say they are in danger.

– of Course, it is sad that such drastic action can be taken without any justification or discussion.

Soleimani was a bad guy — it’s the only explanation that trump and his team the murder of the Iranian General. The Secretary of state Pompeo speaks not as a diplomat but as a prophet, throwing the bomb from the drone, Washington allegedly played the lead. If they hadn’t destroyed Soleimani, he would begin the hunt for American citizens.

“there is No doubt that Qassem Soleimani planned a series of attacks. We don’t know exactly when and don’t know exactly where, but it was real. I think there is no doubt that Soleimani was going to act against our forces, our diplomats, not only in Iraq but also in other countries of the region,” said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Congress is trying to tie Trump hand. The lower house adopted a resolution, which the President cannot conduct military operations against Iran without approval from Capitol hill. But to reach Twitter’s President called speaker Pelosi crazy, said that he believes in the Republican majority Congressbut that will not give you the resolution move. And anyway he had no time to coordinate with someone out their orders, Frank trump at a meeting with supporters.

“We had to make a decision. We didn’t have time to call Nancy. This guy Soleimani sowed death and destruction in the middle East and beyond. He killed civilian, military, all who were in his way. And here are Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi and say: why are you not asked our permission to eliminate them? You need to have to consult with Congress in such a situation. Then we could call our lying media and tell them all about your plans,” said Donald trump.

I Heard what you said about trump? His statement has already been called the worst for the last time.

Well, the administration of the tramp as he can, and defends, — said Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress.

horror stories about the bloodthirsty Iranian General, American journalists are not convincing. Speaking before a pool of the White house, trump is forced to escalate.

We caught a monster and we eliminated it. It was going to happen for a long time. We did it because they wanted to blow up our Embassy.

– could you provide more information?

– No, I think that should be obvious.

In a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General trump invited the members of the Alliance to actively operate in the middle East. At a time when the Iraqi authorities asked foreign troops to quickly leave the country, and a number of European capitals, while respecting the decision, of power derive, Washington group around the Persian Gulf strengthens.

“We are not against to continue talks with the Iraqis about whether the structure of our actions. We were there to help the Iraqi security forces and to continue the fight against terrorists. NATO is working on a plan of separation boundaries in the region, so we can continue to ensure the safety of Americans", — said US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Iran is not silent. One of the Brigadier generals of the Islamic revolutionary guard corps stated: in the near future the Republic will severely revenge the USA for murder Soleimani.