Why Apple and Microsoft merge with genetic companies

the Initiative of bill gates with vaccination of people through his Foundation should not take so straightforward. We must understand that nobody will allow without our knowledge to introduce an electronic chip under the skin to gather information. This was stated on air of TV channel “Russia 1” the head of the laboratory of genomic engineering MIPT Pavel Volchkov.

the Scientist noted that such large corporations like Apple and Microsoft, begin to merge with companies that already have a large amount of genetic data.

“We are seeing the personification of marketing when offered is appealing purely you. This information was collected for the clicks that you do on your personal computer under your personal accounts,” — said Kazakov.

According to the expert, the power is in the interaction of collected data with genetic personal: “That is to take from a particular genetic data that the hereditary information that would have also better characterized. So, these large corporations could sell exactly what you like best”.

When conducting clinical trials or is mass vaccination, in parallel, personal information is collected about people. “In particular, they can provide genetic information, the collection of which is carried out using DNA microchips. Just this information is valuable for pharmacological and marketing strategy of large companies,” — said the scientist.

In Russia adopted a law that declares genetic data part personal. Accordingly, you can give a third party to use your information only with your personal consent, said Volchkov.

the leading question, is it possible imperceptibly, in circumvention of the law, with the WACmedicine to enter the chip or the sensor information gathering, the expert answered: “Any law can be circumvented. It all depends on who is on guard of the law and how well he’s respected. If you create a law, and no one guards, of course, he will be disturbed because it is inherent in human nature.”

In social networks is widely spread opinion about the involvement of bill gates to the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection, which was created ostensibly with the goal of chipping people. All this can be used by stakeholders to reduce the world’s population.

These “crazy ideas,” says gates, lead to the incitement of hatred between people. Also it is disturbed by unfounded rumors about the harmfulness of vaccines that can serve as a reason for the reluctance of people to be vaccinated, and thus the coronavirus will continue to kill.