Wind shear and pierced body: the details of the incident with the plane of Nordwind

the Russian airline Nordwind said the reasons for the hard landing, Airbus A321-200 at the airport of Antalya. It is noted that the victims in the incident no.

the press service of the company said that on Friday, January 10, when a flight is operated without passengers from Moscow to Antalya when leaving on the second circle had a hard landing due to wind shear. In the future, the aircraft landed safely, reports “Interfax”.

According to Nordwind, was on Board only the crew of the aircraft. Currently, the aircraft towed to the hangar for repairs. The airport works in a regular mode, informs RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Consulate in the Turkish city.

January 10, portal AirportHaber reported serious damage to the aircraft Nordwind airlines landing in Antalya. The touchdown was not normally. The plane that hit the runway nose landing gear, which damaged the fuselage of the aircraft.