Zelenski spoke with Rouhani and Macron

the Presidents of Iran and Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Zelensky talked on the phone. The main topic of conversation was the circumstances of the accident in Tehran Ukrainian passenger plane 8 Jan. Other details of a telephone conversation is not given, reports TASS.

the Armed forces of Iran has previously acknowledged that the Ukrainian “Boeing” was shot down by mistake. According to the commander of aerospace forces of Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the operator adopted the “Boing” cruise missile, was not able to contact the command and made the wrong choice, self-accepting “bad decision” to fire.

According to the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, fast the truth in the investigation of the crash in Iran was made possible thanks to the work of the group of Ukrainian experts in Tehran and the assistance of international partners. Zelensky also thanked for the sympathy and willingness to help of the President of France Emmanuel Makron.

According to the press service Zelensky after his telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron, the French leader accepted the invitation of the President of Ukraine to visit Kiev. Zelensky and macron also agreed on the involvement of French experts to decode black boxes downed by Ukrainian Tehran “Boeing”, reports “Interfax”.

macron has promised to promote a more comprehensive investigation of the disaster and bringing the perpetrators of this crime to justice. According to him, France has already started a formal procedure of starting an international investigation to the International civil aviation organization (ICAO).

the macron Zelensky also discussed further steps on implementation of the agreements of the summit in “Norman format” 9 Dec 2019, in Paris, and agreed to call a tripartite format Ukraine — France — Germany in the near future.

Earlier today, Vladimir Zelensky said in Keyeve waiting for Iran’s assurances of readiness for a full and open investigation, bring perpetrators to justice, the return of the bodies of the victims, payment of compensation and an official apology through diplomatic channels.

Meanwhile, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the party of ex-President Poroshenko “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko said that he had appealed to the President Zelensky with the request “to dismiss the Ambassador of Ukraine in Iran”. Treatment is associated with the publication of the Embassy reports that the plane “International airlines of Ukraine”, according to preliminary data, crashed near Tehran because of the accident of the engine, and that the reasons to talk about the terrorist attack there. Later the words of exclusion of a terrorist attack from the message cut out, RIA Novosti reported.