Zhirinovsky: Mishustin is not a boy who only yesterday came into production

the Candidate for Prime Minister humanly evokes sympathy from the leader of the liberal democratic party. “At mishustina a good age was 53 years. It’s not a boy who only yesterday came into production. And most importantly — his profession. If we engineers put on all the posts of Ministers, governors and mayors, things will get better. Engineers have a special way of thinking, they are creators, not destroyers and revolutionaries,” — said in the program “60 minutes” the head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky, being in direct communication from the State Duma.

the leader of the liberal democratic party are generally pleased with the changes that have occurred after the speech of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. “We need to do everything that was said in the Message of the President. The money is there, but people do not know how to spend it. The task of the local administration is to ensure that money reaches down to the remotest hamlets. We have always had public funds, where it was decided the trade unions and was clearing. Now, often people are just afraid to take up a large amount. In the end, billions hang without movement”, — said Zhirinovsky.

Earlier, the leader of the liberal democratic party told reporters that his party supported the candidacy of Michael mishustina for the post of Prime Minister.

on 15 January, the Russian government headed by Dmitry Medvedev resigned in full force. Mishustina candidacy for the post of Cabinet of Ministers proposed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.