A connoisseur of art broke his leg while trying to steal a painting from Petersburg the artist

a Complete failure ended the attempt of the lover of painting from the Irkutsk region to become the owner of the paintings, “Golden autumn”, exhibited by the artist for sale on Nevsky prospect in Saint-Petersburg. The attacker was recorded by surveillance cameras.

the Method of “acquisition”, he chose the most banal: in the late evening of 21 January, 27-year-old connoisseur of art, as seen in the frames, rapidly came to an interesting picture, without another word, grabbed her and ran away. The author of the creation rushed after him, but the thief pushed him away and accelerated.

Far away he, however, failed — he fell and broke his leg. After helping the attacker sent to the office, and a painting worth 25 thousand rubles, became a material evidence. Released on his own recognizance, the suspect faces up to seven years under article “Robbery”.