A firefighter died in a cylinder explosion in the suburban greenhouse

One MOE officer was killed and two of his colleagues received serious injuries while fighting a fire in the greenhouse near the village of Petrovskoye under the Serpukhov, reported in a press-service of the Moscow Department of the Ministry.

the Fire on the territory of the complex “Prince Dali” has erupted around 09:30 in the morning on 22 January and quickly spread to 200 square meters. In the fighting was attended by 39 people, one of them — 41-year-old native of the village of Turov, Oleg Mukhortov died.

According to preliminary data, during the fire in the greenhouse blew up some gas tanks used for space heating. Mukhortov received a severe head injury and died on the spot. His two colleagues suffered serious burns and are now in hospital.

With fire managed to cope two hours later, at 11:39.