A national tragedy. America mourns Kobe Bryant

On Board the helicopter, which crashed American basketball player Kobe Bryant, was nine people. The helicopter crashed near Los Angeles – the aircraft fell on the hill, and then the explosion occurred. In the US, embraced the news as a national tragedy.

Flight of his element. Kobe Bryant was floating above the ground and above the ground often flew. The helicopter is used on a regular basis, didn’t want to stand in traffic jams. Why crashed? Now find out the best investigators of the United States. The footage from the crash site you can see the fog in the area and dying the tail on the hill. No one survived – neither the pilot nor eight passengers.

On your basketball God Los Angeles prayed. 20 years – entire career, Kobe Bryant has been loyal to one city and one club. Five times he did “Los Angeles Lakers” NBA champion. Twice with the Bryant team USA won Olympic gold.

For the United States, where the basketball Hoop is in almost every yard, Kobe Bryant is an icon. One of the best players in history. Those who now Shine in the NBA do not hide that at the time, came to the floor admiring how skillfully Kobe handled the ball.

a Moment of silence, but continue to knock the ball impossible. The stopwatch was running, and the players couldn’t move. So all the NBA began on the day of the tragedy. The basketball no more Coby

Even in 2016, tied to his professional career, Bryant was not able to break with the sport. Opened the Academy, he coached the women’s team. The father of four girls with the girls was easier. That and the fact the helicopter was flying basketball player along with her daughter. In the afternoon on Sunday to his 13-year-old Gianni was supposed to be the game.

In the death of Bryant America believes. Athletes, entertainers, politicians mourn all. The arena “LosAngeles Lakers” flowers, candles and basketballs. Fans in t-shirts with the numbers “8” and “24” in which he played Kobe. To all clubs, the NBA has already offered to withdraw them from circulation in the memory – Oh man-the legend, without which it is impossible to imagine a basketball.