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In recent days, the number who died from the coronavirus in Brazil exceeded 1000. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the highest daily rate in the country, reported the Ministry of health of Brazil.

According to authorities, a day in the country died 1 156 people with coronavirus infection, the total number of victims has reached 26 754.

During the day, the number of recorded cases of coronavirus, a new type has increased by 26 417 (this is also a record) and amounted to 438 238, RIA Novosti reported.

Brazil, são Paulo is the region most affected by the pandemic here at more than 95 thousand cases of infection was about 7 thousand deaths.

on March 11 of this year, the world health organization declared the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. According to the who in the world was 5 900 763 cases of the disease, died 361 of 775, recovered 2 577 225 patients.