Aggression towards doctors and nurses in Buryatia foreigner staged a riot at the Observatory

In Buryatia opened a criminal case on one of the patients after the attack on nurses in the Observatory of the Children’s Republican clinical hospital. As reported in the Investigation Committee, it is a foreign citizen. He arrived in Russia from abroad and was placed in mandatory quarantine for pandemic corvairs COVID-19. However, instead of compliance, together with the other patients began to threaten the nurses and even megatronic, to throw stones at them.

Once on the forefront of the struggle against coronavirus, Buryat doctors did not expect: one-on-one will have to prove not only infection, but also with inhuman aggression of patients.

“During our shift, he began to attack us, call and mother” — say two nurses in protective suits.

Video from Instagram-profile Republican Children’s hospital of Ulan-Ude. Now there is the Observatory to stay in quarantine.

Fresh air, nature, food, accommodation in the buildings for free. The condition — to comply with security measures and to fulfill all the requirements of local doctors for two weeks. For several patients that have been placed here upon arrival from abroad, rules of observation, the reason was excessive and even cruel. Then they decided to vent dissatisfaction on the doctors in biohazard suits.

“In these suits we walk for five or six hours. Hard. And then, when we were attacked, he chased us in costume in the forest” — continue the story doctors.

For the offense of observation of the most violent patients will probably have to be isolated elsewhere, prescribed by the Russian legislation.

“crime report from the police passed. Criminal case on signs of the crime of hooliganism”, — says senior assistant head investigation Department of the investigative Committee of Russia in Buryatia Dmitry Stolyarov.

the Case is significant, but to a large coolantAlenia Russian doctors, not the only one. A resident of one of the districts of Chita in the yard was met with threats and insults the crew of an emergency. Doctors, as it should be in antiplague suits, came the call to a child with symptoms of SARS.

“What are you doing here? — asked the inhabitant of Chita. – You drive around, the coronavirus spread?”

And if the challenges of the brigade while continuing to still drive unaccompanied officers, then, for example, in Buryatia after the manifestation of aggression is already stepping up security. The number of active-duty police and asguardian.. increase Penalties for violation of quarantine, by the way, continues to operate in all regions of the country. For trying to endanger others will have to pay up to 40 thousand rubles, and still go back to the Observatory or to the place of isolation.