Sobyanin said that the situation with the spread COVID-19 in Moscow positive

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin believes that the current situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the capital are positive.

this he informed the public TV channel “Russia 24”.

Moscow mayor said that in recent days, the detection rate of infected COVID-19 in the metropolis has decreased by almost two times. According to him, when 50 thousand PCR tests per day detection 2.5-3 thousand.

the mayor stressed that it’s too much, but a month ago, the daily detection rate was about 6 thousand. The mayor called the trend a grave marker and recalled that in the capital also hosts the CT scan, which is a huge program for the identification of coronavirus pneumonia.

He noted that the number of patients with pneumonia also recently revealed fewer and dynamics in this sphere is also positive.

as of 21 may in Moscow revealed 155,219 infections COVID-19, recovered 40,682 people died 1794. All in all, Russia marked 317,554 sick of them 92,681 recovered, 3099 died.