a text saying “flight cancelled” in less than a day before departure received hundreds of passengers of the airline “North wind”. In Kazan and the Altai to fly from Omsk and St. Petersburg — not to fly, but the carrier did not get through. Only after anxious travelers began to storm the accounts of the company in social networks and post complaints on their page, “the North wind” “blew” in their direction.

Without money in a strange city with children. And with tickets, which are now impossible to fly. The airline Nordwind Airlines”North wind” canceled flights.

“They told me that to recover the money in full I can’t. But they could offer me a certificate for a flight with a ten percent discount. But departures from Omsk will be cancelled until 10 October,” says Julia Orlowska.

hundreds of people in the same situation.

Anton and friends were supposed to fly from St. Petersburg to Altai. Domestic tourism, taiga, dawn. But instead of a vacation — playing on the fly. To wait for another flight or to claim the money?

“I tried to influence through service where we bought the tickets. They said that the airline has unilaterally blocked all possibilities of a refund. There is no way to return”, — explained Anton Paremskaya.

most passengers are indignant due to the fact that the “North wind” could not be contacted. A message informing about the cancellation and contact phone number. And then — light soothing music: “the Approximate waiting time is more than 15 minutes. Unfortunately all the specialists are busy right now”.

the social networking response from the airline standard — in line! The response time to thirty days. Perhaps even more — the contact center is overloaded.

this is What has led to the fact that the situation almost went into a tailspin. Today the airline officially declared — not enough employees on the phones whendrew a new one.

“I would Like to first apologize to passengers for the inconvenience and inform all that money is returned in full and not vouchers, not a letter of guarantee, namely cash,” said Anna Podgornaya, member of the Board of Directors of the airline “North wind”.

Money or get hands on, or buy them new tickets. The user manual will send by SMS or email.

“the timing of the refund – two or three days max,” assured the public of the Piedmont.

On the full termination of flights of the “North wind” out of the question. In the tourism industry it is generally referred to the cancellations and rescheduling.

“because Of the changing conditions in some regions is the adjustment of the flight programs. Fortunately in July and August, flights will be more. In this situation, the airlines do offer a rebooking or a refund,” — said Dmitry Gorin, Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

the flight Schedules of the airlines this summer will be flexible. The impact of a pandemic, experts say. Passengers need to be prepared to change on the scoreboard departures.