the Pandemic has affected not only the income of citizens and companies, but also banks, pillars of the financial system of the country. Because of the almost 2 months of restrictions in the economy decreased lending across the country and decreased the amount of transfer.

eventually dropped the interest income of banks. But the evaluation of the CBR, Russian credit organisations maintain financial stability and even for the challenging 2020 will profit.

However, some banks are forced to reduce their expenses and to reconsider the once attractive terms to their customers. The first could not stand “Tinkoff”.

the other day, “Tinkoff” and sent customers notification that on 17 July 2020 enters service fee for co-branded cards of “Yandex.Plus”. The cost of maintenance once free debit card “Yandex.Plus” will be 190 rubles a month, credit — 990 roubles a year, claims to “Tinkoff”. In addition, “Tinkoff” have reduced cashback to 2% from 5% to 2%.

co-branded card “Yandex.Plus” a year ago in cooperation with “Yandex” at the same time released the nation’s largest private “Alfa-Bank” and Bank “Tinkoff”. The conditions offered for this map, both banks were similar — free service, a high percentage of cashback.

“alpha Bank” have declared that will not change the conditions on the card “Yandex.Plus”. The conditions on the card previous: free maintenance, high percentage of cashback.