All the innovations of the exam: coronavirus has reduced the demand for higher education

In 2020 the Russian students will take the exam in 15 General subjects, of which 5 are foreign languages. Because of the pandemic the timing of delivery significantly shifted, and those who are not going to College, to pass the exam do not need. When and how will the already stressful exam with all the new requirements and restrictions?

Innovation is in the exam schedule and the procedures.

the season will Start the exam on 29 and 30 June mock exams. This is a technical test readiness without graduates. The first exam day July 3 — geography, literature and Informatics.

on 6 and 7 July — Russian language. For the first time it will be held in two days because of the need to observe the Seating arrangements in half a meter. July 10 — the relevant mathematics. The base this year will not pass, it usually only needed for high school diploma. July 13 — history and physics. July 16 — social studies and chemistry. July 20 — biology and written foreign. On 22 and 23 July, foreign oral. July 24-25 — backup days.

“an Additional period of from 3 to 8 August. This is for those children who for one reason or another are unable to participate in the basic terms. First and foremost, of course, those who missed exams due to illness. The guys will be able to apply to universities and to participate in the contest this year”, — says the head of the organization and carrying out state examination Rosobrnadzor Igor Kruglinski.

Thermometer, antiseptic, tape measure: the employees own the tools and techniques to prepare for the exam. Practice geometry — measuring tape measure the distance — and chemistry — process tables.

“At the entrance to the room will be able to antiseptic hands, Seating arrangements not more than 8 participants in compliance with all social distances of five feet. Mandatory ventilation of the room. The organizers should be wearing masks and gloves,” talks about trethe requirements during the exam Reutovo school No. 7 Daria Dubovitskaya.

With you to the exam, as before, it is necessary to have a passport and a black gel pen. Optional — a bottle of water and a light snack. Have a mask and gloves not required, but there are requirements may vary depending on the region.

“never planned total requirement for the need for the student of gloves and masks directly on the exam. Prior to entering the point of the exam, the applicant can come to mask and gloves. Then there is a corresponding device for disinfecting hands. Accordingly, all the rest remains outside of the item of examination”, — says the head of the organization and carrying out state examination Rosobrnadzor Igor Kruglinski.

Over the past 10 years wanting to enter higher education has become considerably less. If in 2010 for higher education was 80 percent of applicants and only 8 percent in the middle, now the picture is quite different. The Universities intend to go less than half, approximately one in five after school quite satisfied with secondary school.

“it has Become clear that spending time in a third-rate University is not worth it. On the other hand, we see a change in the very concept of higher education. Gaining popularity quick entry into the profession, short-term education and further lifelong learning, professional development for the rest of my life. And universities change under it, merge with the colleges,” says a new trend founder of the service for job search Alexei Zakharov.