Apple has patented a computer from a monolithic piece of glass

Apple has filed a patent application which describes a “whole” computer with keyboard and touchpads built into the case. Idea, maybe someday you will find the embodiment in the iMac.

On the idea of Apple engineers, fully transparent body “of aimag future” should be made of a single piece of glass or a translucent insert. Above the screen provides a slit for the web camera iSight, writes AppleInsider.

Another option is glass iMac implies a modular design: it has no integrated keyboard, and a groove in the lower part can be used to connect peripheral devices, power cable and even the MacBook. In such a scenario, the AIO acts as a huge docking station that uses the keyboard of the laptop. Also it is assumed that the support is foldable making it easy to transport the computer.

apple has patented a computer from a monolithic piece of glass 1

However, that Apple will release a similar product, to count difficult — in the foreseeable future, the company is unlikely to overcome any technical limitations. However, the new patent makes it clear in which direction think designers Apple.

Much more real is another idea, the rights to which Apple received in November of last year. The company then patented the AR-ear headphones with spatial sound function: they allow the caller to imagine that the interlocutor is with him in the same room. In the group video call, the user will be easier to determine who is talking to him at the moment.

Text: To.Hi-tech