Apple told how and why scans photos users

to identify cases of violence against children and child pornography Apple automatically scans the photos of users that fall in the cloud service iCloud. This was at a panel discussion at CES in Las Vegas, told the global Director of Apple’s privacy Jane Horvath.

Daily Mail writes that the Croat said: scanning is performed with the help of special software. Previously, Apple did not extend on this topic, and the year before posted during CES in Las Vegas ads with the text: “What happens on your iPhone stays on the iPhone”.

the automatic scanning photo Horvath said, defending the company’s position against mandatory encryption of all information on the iPhone, including health information and financial information. Previously, the company was in conflict with the law-enforcement bodies of the USA, which required her to create a “master key” to unlock the smartphones of suspects in terrorism and other crimes.

In the Apple think that the iPhone needs to be protected to the maximum, and the creation of “backdoors” even for good purposes is unacceptable. An alternative is the scanning of the user content in automatic mode. An Apple spokesperson said in response to the request that the information on this scan posted on the official website of the company. We are talking about the search in the data “digital signatures” characteristic of child pornography — the system works similar to a spam filter in e-mail. Apple did not specify what kind of system uses, but it is known that many Internet companies use for these purposes the development of Microsoft called PhotoDNA.

Text: To.Hi-tech