At CES, are the robot-transformer, changing the voice command

At CES, held in Las Vegas, demonstrated a programmable robot transformer Robosen T9. Toy can change shape by a voice command into a pickup truck, and perform a dozen other movements.

“Autobot” has 22 servos that can be user-programmed, in its discretion, Bluetooth 4.0, proximity sensor and weighs 1.4 kg (including battery 2000 mAh). The built-in camera to communicate via video chat.

Robosen T9 is able to walk, ride, waving, dance and do push-UPS. In addition to the laid in memory of movements, the child could teach the robot new tricks using the popular visual programming language Scratch. To manage transformer you can use a virtual joystick and buttons in a mobile application.

the Only drawback Robosen T9 is the price. On Amazon the toy is worth $500, or about 30 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

Text: To.Hi-tech