Beaten, teeth pulled, shaved bald: the father abused the daughter for the similarities with his ex-wife

In December 2019 in one of hospitals of St.-Petersburg six-year-old girl with multiple injuries and bruises. The child is more than a week spent in intensive care. Currently on the given fact criminal case is brought.

according to RT, the girl was bullied by her parents. In particular, the incident is suspected the child’s father Maxim Berdnikov. The police of the city from the hospital 15 December, it was reported, which according to him brought shaved bald girl with numerous bruises. The child was dressed in old clothes doesn’t fit. It is established that a child is systematically abused a man and his partner.

When the girl came in, I was told that mom and dad regularly beat her. Previously, according to the child, the father dragged the little girl by the hair and tried to pull out the teeth, and then shaved her bald head. To a medical facility the baby was after the man beat her with a stick because she wet herself at night. The girl are unable to reach the toilet, because their parents are bound.

According to some, in the family, in addition to the injured girl, also brought up the baby girl and a four year old boy. He is also in hospital in the Department of health and social care. Representatives of care, in turn, refused to comment on the situation.

according to “Fontanka”, the girl’s father told the inspector of Department on Affairs of minors that the daughter didn’t love. According to him, apparently it was too near his ex-wife. The man wanted to get rid of the baby, but opt hesitated because she was afraid that child services will take the other children from his second marriage.

In the office of the Commissioner for children’s rights in St. Petersburg said that in relation to the stepmother of the girl as a criminal case under the article on torture. Currently, all children are isolated from parents, and the situation is monitored by the children’s Ombudsman.

Earlier in Yurga, the man threw the clinic doors newborn daughter. Together with his wife they decided to get rid of the child because educating girls was not in their plans.