Bill gates: vaccine may not stop the spread of the coronavirus

the vaccine does not guarantee complete cessation of the spread of a new type of coronavirus, said the founder of Microsoft bill gates.

Commenting on the view of epidemiologists that the virus will spread until the infected 60-70% of the population, the billionaire recalled that vaccines are two main options.

“One is to provide individual protection from infection by the vaccinated person, and the second allows him to stop being a vector of disease,” he explained to CNN.

According to bill gates, most likely, the vaccine will work better to make the individual protection.

“there is no guarantee that the vaccine will certainly stop the spread of infection,” he concluded.

Foundation, which is headed by bill gates and his wife Melinda, has allocated 300 million dollars to develop a vaccine against a new type of coronavirus, and to support the poor who are most vulnerable in a pandemic, reports TASS. At the moment in the USA developed a 14 vaccines, some of them are already undergoing clinical trials. In the future, of which it is planned to select the most promising.

In Russia at the moment has already started to test the developed vaccine on volunteers. All who have received the vaccine, are under constant control of doctors. One of the vaccines feel the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and national research center of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, and in Sechenovskiy University are testing a different drug.