British spies got a license to kill

London’s High court blessed the right to kill for the British counterintelligence officers and their agents. The decision was taken by three votes against two. While Scotland Yard and all the other intelligence agencies of Britain hunt for a Russian invented “poisoners”, the local judiciary confirmed the authority of the British agents to kill, if killing in the public interest. The decision to kill while taking the agent.

at Christmas the High court in London made a gift to agents of the British secret service, actually giving them a license to murder, if it is made in the interests of state security.

the Special Tribunal court has supported the existing instructions for the British secret services which allow their employees and agents “to commit crimes in order to maintain access to intelligence information, if it is done to save lives, prevent more serious crimes and protection of the agent”.

Two of the five judges of the Tribunal were against, but the decision was taken by majority vote. Four human rights organizations said they would appeal. They advocate an open investigation into the activities of British intelligence in the years of conflict in Northern Ireland.

One of the most high-profile cases — the murder of lawyer Pat Finucane. In 1989, he was shot by the militants of the Association for the defence of Ulster.

“Imagine that you are sitting in the kitchen for dinner along with small children and someone breaks in and opens fire. Pat was hit by 14 bullets. Even after he left police experts, I still found unnoticed by them, the bullets were everywhere,” recalls the widow Finucane.

the organization of this murder was involved in two agent of British military intelligence. Intelligence agencies had been loyal to the London Protestants and supplied the fighters with information about the activists of the underground Irish Republican army to be destroyed. Finucane was a target because he defended in the courts of the arrested members of the IRA.

the Author of a dozen books on intelligence and counterintelligence, the former British politician Rupert Allason, it is published under the pseudonym Nigel West, is reminiscent of another scandal around the alleged British intelligence agent Freddie Scappaticci under the code name Stakeknife, which translates as “the meat slicer”. This man 25 years spent among the militants-the Republicans and headed their intelligence service.

“Agent Stakeknife gave excellent information, but the problem with him was that he supposedly is responsible for the murder of from 10 to 40 people. The question arises to what extent this was aware of it leaders and what they gave in connection with this indication,” said Allison.

Scappaticci claims that he never worked for British intelligence. The police conducted against him an investigation and handed over all materials to the Prosecutor, but it is unknown in what form the case will go to trial.

“the Curators of this agent will probably say that if he changed his behavior and stopped being a criminal, it would cause suspicion and would lose access to information, which helped save the lives of others. It’s always a difficult choice. To combat terrorism it is necessary to obtain the information necessary to identify members of an underground organization, know their plans, who finances them. And in order to access it, sometimes you have to deal with people who were not brought up on the ideas of mother Teresa. These people can be smeared with blood, and in the past even terrorists,” said Allison.

In 2010, a former military intelligence officer, journalist Michael Smith, published a book on the first decades of the existence of the Secret intelligence service of great Britain, known today as MI6. He confirmed the fact that the murder of Grigory Rasputin was directly involved Oswald Rayner — a member of the British intelligence.

SPmunicipality a few years the British residency in Russia was already preparing an attempt on Joseph Stalin.

“Immediately after the revolution, Stalin vociferous demand for peace with Germany. And then the consuls of France, USA and the UK gathered for a secret meeting. There also invited Steven Allie, who was to talk about the details of the operation. But it failed because the French Consul brought to the meeting another person — a journalist who worked for the Secret service of the Bolsheviks,” said Smith.

freedom of action of British agents given the fact that until the late 80-ies of the last century, the United Kingdom refused to officially admit that it has its own intelligence. Only in 1989 was adopted by the legislative act of the secret service MI-5, which is officially subordinate to the Ministry of internal Affairs. And in 1994 approved the regulations about intelligence service MI6 and the government communications Centre, which is engaged in electronic espionage.

“over 80 years of strict control of the Ministry over the intelligence was not. Because quite often the Ministers themselves pretended not to know,” said Rupert Allason.

Despite the atmosphere of quasicrystal espionage was a popular theme among British writers, many of whom were themselves engaged in exploration. In different years the British crown served as Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming and John Le Carre, who calls spying the spiritual home of the British political and intellectual elite.

“the Purpose of a professional scout at the time, at least on our side, and to a large extent with yours, was the desire to know the truth, reveal the truth. The methods by which we made it were sometimes not very pretty, but the objective was to discover the true position of our owners, regardless of whether they wanted to hear it or not. I can’t say that I suffered, but I had serious doubts about the moralorder as to justify the goal of the used funds,” said Le carré.

Writers-scouts often laughed at his brothers. The adventures of James bond have become one of the top grossing kinoserialov in the world. In real life, not so gracefully.

In 2010, the UK government was forced to agree to a multimillion-dollar compensation for 17 Guantanamo prisoners. This was done in order to protect British security services from the trial about their involvement in the torture that was used there.

“Torture began at the military base in Bagram. I tied hands and feet behind his back, said if you’re not going to cooperate with us, we’ll send you to Egypt or Syria, and we hurt him even more. Then in the next room started screaming woman. They wanted I thought it was my wife and her tortured. They beat me and showed the photos of my children said, don’t think you ever will see. Members of British intelligence were present at my arrest. They knew that people have been killed in Guantanamo, in Bagram that the us tortured there. And they actually were a part of this, it was favorable to them,” said Moazzam Begg, a former guantánamo detainee.

One of those who received a million pounds in compensation for torture in Guantanamo Bay, was a Briton Jamal al-Harith. This person is seven years after the liberation staged the attack near the city of Mosul, blowing up a car bomb near Iraqi military base.

it Turns out that in London, defending the honor of the uniform, released the terrorist, besides providing it on the road money. A few years earlier the British secret service was marked by active participation in the preparations for the invasion of the Western coalition in Iraq.

“was top secret information, reliable sources, defectors from Iraq, the meeting of some secret agents, CIA, MI-6. The war began American and British troops killed thousands of people. Then killed dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens, as long as the conflict continued. The country is destroyed, the threat of terrorism has only increased. Roughly speaking, the war was illegal. But at least someone has suffered from politicians? Yes, no one! Millions of people around the world think Tony Blair is a war criminal who should be in prison. And he freely acts on TV. That’s all. What is the result? Yes, no,” — said Alexander Vassiliev, writer, historian of intelligence.

British intelligence agencies orchestrate a new operation. In 2016, hoping to hurt before the election Trump, in London gave the go-ahead to send in the US stuffed with all kinds of lime dossier on his alleged extensive ties to the Kremlin. And made this document a former British spy Jonathan Steele. Then spun even more scandalous story with Kripalani — which complicate relations between Russia and great Britain to the level of the cold war.

Perhaps the British intelligence services prefer to act in a paramilitary setting, pumping up the inhabitants fears of enemy spies trying to undermine the foundations of democracy. This allows you to consolidate budgets and to stock up on indulgences that will help in the future to avoid litigation.