Cancer in quarantine is not going away: how to treat cancer patients during the epidemic of the coronavirus

because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, a new type of a clinic was redesigned for the admission of patients with COVID-19. On the treatment of cancer patients during this difficult period in the broadcast channel “Russia 24” told the Director of National medical research center of radiology, chief oncologist of Ministry of health of Russian Federation, academician Andrey Kaprin.

“In Oncology, it seems that you will never touch, so you don’t need to be examined. It is also here. It seems that this infection (coronavirus – ed.) will affect any country, any city except our own. And when we realized that we began to receive such patients, that we began to detect in the clinic (…) for me, large school was,” admitted Kaprin.

the Doctor said that he was frightened by the prospect of suspending the treatment of cancer patients.

“We understand that it is not known how many will die from COVID infection, but we clearly know that 26 thousand people in the world die from cancer, he explained. – There is a real war. And to this war from our enemies, I mean disease, joins the second front. That is, there is another impact on those patients who are already awful.”

Kaprin called “very right decision” the opening of the center for the treatment of cancer patients who contracted COVID-19. According to him, it is “exceedingly difficult” patients.

“Such a center I now the world can see. There is no separate beds for COVID-cancer patients. I now see the enormous potential of this centre for the development of science,” he said. Kaprin added that SMRC radiology able to work with patients with pulmonary failure, since many operations in Oncology are associated with lung resection.

Now at the medical center, accept patients without a coronavirus because “cancer on quarantine not go away.”

“We take patient and can’t deny him because we know that the progression will occur in thosethe inclusion of 2-3 months. If we are going to play these games with a delay, then we know exactly what will happen. And there will be a large cancer progression, we lose time,” he explained.

According to the doctor, in SMRC radiology cancer patients come from all over Russia, and even in the period of epidemic COVID-19 take them, despite the risk. This risk, according to the head of the center justified.

“These patients certainly need to take. And, basically, all cancer patients require this approach. This is proven by years of research not only here but also abroad. Therefore these patients can not quit”, he concluded.