The treatment of Sergei Sobyanin to the Muscovites. Full text

Dear friends,

When we first heard news about a new virus from Wuhan, very few people seriously pay attention to it.

When the city started a real tragedy, come to understand that the world is faced with a terrible new disease. But there were a lot of skeptics who believed that it is not worse than the common cold and we are not at all concerned.

Only after the tide of the pandemic in several European and American cities began to die, and tens of thousands of people and created a humanitarian disaster – skeptics diminished. It’s a full awareness of the upcoming troubles.

We in Moscow have closely followed what is happening in the world. Prepared, took operational decisions, realign the health care system and the organization of urban life.

Before us was three variants of actions. First – with the most severe quarantine and the full stop of life in the city.

the Second – in General to do nothing and leave the residents alone with the virus, disease and death.

And the third is a medium between these extremes. To balance the restrictive measures in order to make the development of the pandemic manageable. To allow businesses and organizations to work but restrict movement in the city. And so we did.

on the one hand, preserved the functioning of systemically important organizations, has continued to serve as administrative, financial, and transportation center of the country, was retained for the majority of citizens.

on the other hand, not allow the explosive nature of the pandemic, provided the mass testing and providing medical care to sick citizens. The objective was to protect and save the maximum number of people, especially those from risk groups – the elderly and chronically ill citizens.

concerning restrictive measures there is a lot of debate. Some believe that the townspeople ignored them, running and so on.

of Course, the twenty millionth agglomeration can Naiti different behavior. But there are big data that objectively show the real situation. There is evidence of mobile operators that allows to construct indexes of activity of the population, including in comparison with other cities.

And there is accurate data on the movements of citizens on personal and public transport.

In all the time since 30 March, not a single inadequate sharp burst of activity was not.

the vast majority of Muscovites responsible guidelines and restrictive requirements. The result of the common efforts of doctors and citizens – we managed to avoid catastrophe, and consistently – day after day – start to win coronavirus.

for a few weeks – slowly but surely – the pandemic is on the decline. Reduced the number of new infection cases from hospitals discharged more people than comes again to bed.

this allows a step to normal life.

From may 12 to work in full back industry and construction. From 1 June the newly earned food stores and a significant portion of the services. Jobs returned hundreds of thousands of people.

a Week ago adopted a decision on partial lifting of isolation, allowing the trips with certain restrictions.

what was introduced these transitional restrictions?

the population density of Moscow is one of the world leaders. It is impossible to compare with most European and Russian cities.

All experienced and well understand how difficult some months to stay within the four walls.

in Order not to disrupt the fragile balance and not to return again to the outbreak of the epidemic, and was for this short transition period.

We shouldn’t create a situation provoking the crowd of people on the streets, in parks and squares. Had to go minimal adaptation, a smooth transition from one state to another.

And this transition took placewas. The result – all indicators of movement at the end of the epidemic normal. And we can move on to the next more drastic steps.

in fact, Moscow is returning to its usual rhythm of life. All basic constraints – subject to the preservation of epidemiological safety and with the sanitary measures in June will be removed.


residents of the city, including Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases, can go outside, drive on and use public spaces.

the Newly earned social security cards, and the beneficiaries will be able to enjoy free travel on public transport.

Restore the validity of unused travel tickets for public transport will be starting from 12 June.

* * *

I also adopted a timetable according to which stages the work may return most urban organizations, without which it is impossible to imagine the daily life of a big city.

tomorrow – June 9 – unable to resume the work of hairdressing, beauty salons, photo studios, veterinary clinics and employment agencies.

Repealed restrictions on the operation of car-share.

their normal activities can return public organizations, film studios, recording studios, and scientific institutes.

Theaters, concert organizations and circuses can conduct rehearsals of creative teams.

Also repealed restrictions on visits to city cemeteries.

* * *

the week – 16 June 2020 – will be lifted restrictions on the provision of routine care in dental clinics.

will be Able to resume the work of the library, real estate offices, rental services, advertising, consulting and other agencies providing services to citizens and business.

will Open itsand doors of museums, galleries and zoos. Visit them will be electronic tickets. Allowed to visit and sporting events, but yet, provided that the stands will be filled for no more than 10%.

* * *

the Restaurants and cafes are planned to open in two stages. From 16 June in the city will earn a summer terrace, and a week – fixed food service establishments.

* * *

finally, on 23 June 2020 we plan to lift restrictions on the operation of sports industry to open fitness-clubs, swimming pools and other sports complexes.

Will resume passenger navigation on the Moscow river. We can ride on a river boat.

Also will be lifted restrictions on the work of kindergartens, including non-governmental agencies.

In normal operation will return the institutions of social protection of the population.

And, perhaps, one of the most anticipated openings. June 23, we plan to remove restrictions on the use of elements of public infrastructure. And that means the kids will be able to re-swing, sports fans – download muscle fitness, and grandmother to rest on the benches in the yards, squares and parks of Moscow.

* * *

the Decision to lift the remaining restrictions will be made optional.

let’s Not forget that the probability of infection by the coronavirus decreased, but still exists.

We must always control the situation and prevent new outbreak.

Each of us must continue to observe the mode of self-preservation and respect for others. And open company – to clearly meet the requirements of public health services.

Protect yourself and your loved ones, friends! The fight isn’t over. However, I want to congratulate you with another our common victory and a big step to return to normal life.