Large commemorative events in Israel reminded the world about the tragic and heroic history lessons. On the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in Jerusalem opened the monument in honor of the undefeated unconquered residents of the Soviet city of Leningrad. You can open the monument, Putin said, referring to the Israeli leadership, but for how you did it, thank you. And then there was the great international conference in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

of historical memory, the preservation of which Israel attached special importance, Vladimir Putin talked with the President and the Prime Minister of this country. As in Russia there is no family that is not affected by the war, and in Israel there are no people whose ancestors would not be saved from destruction the soldiers of the red army.

In Jerusalem on this day, the representatives of the six Royal houses of Europe, presidents and Prime Ministers of 47 countries — from Argentina to Australia. But, without exaggeration, the most anticipated guest in Israel was the Russian President. Vladimir Putin already at the gangway meets foreign Minister Israel Katz. He thanked the President and the Russian, Soviet people for the victory over Nazism and the liberation of Auschwitz. For the head of Israeli diplomacy — it is also a deeply personal story.

“I would like to personally thank you for what the Red army liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. My mother was there and was liberated by Soviet troops”, — he told.

January 27 — the day of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp became an international memorial day of Holocaust victims. Six million dead, burned, shot and murdered in the gas chambers of the Jews.

But today, in Jerusalem remembered and those unimaginable sacrifices made by the Soviet Union. And particularly the tragic pages of the war — the siege of Leningrad. Jerusalem sounds “Blue scarf” in Russian and Hebrew.

the Hall was closed the tent from the weather, but it is the center of Jerusalem Park Saker. Here now will returnto yetsa the 8.5-foot bronze monument in memory of the heroes of the blockade. Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu took part in the opening ceremony of the monument.

the Monument called “the Candle of memory”. And it will be burning day and night. Inside the sensors, which at the approach of visitors to the Park will include a record of the Leningrad metronome, warned the Leningrad bombings. On the monument to the symbols of the city on the Neva river and Israel, and the inscription in three languages, “Remember the living and the dead, death by death”.

“He didn’t just here a few days ago, picking up documents, discovered a fact which shocked me. Over the years of the siege of Leningrad, being here in this position, surrendered to the needs of the front 144 tons of blood. Deprived of food, light, heat, they continued to work in hospitals, the arts, science and education, and by sacrificing himself, he saved a great city for future generations. Unconquered Leningrad became a true legend, and the greatness of the power of the spirit and belief in the victory of its inhabitants — the pinnacle of human dignity,” — said Vladimir Putin.

the hall is all the top leadership of Israel. Blockade living here especially coming from the city on the Neva. The tragedy of Leningrad directly touched the family of Vladimir Putin.

“For me it is not an empty phrase, I know this firsthand, but the stories of their parents, because the father defended his home town on the front, and mom was in the besieged city with the child, who died in the winter of 1942 and is buried at Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery in St. Petersburg among thousands, hundreds of thousands of other citizens”, — said the President of Russia.

the capsule with the earth from Piskarevsky memorial cemetery incorporated in the base of the monument. During the ceremony on the screen pictures of sand. In the peaceful life is invaded by a war. The terrible days of blockade. Filled with meanings and symbols, an incredibly touching and emotional ceremony — the tragedy of the siege of Leningrad in Jerusalem CHUVtaken up as his own.

the mayor of Jerusalem’s grandmother died in Auschwitz, but his father today. “Look, daddy! We are here in Jerusalem, together with the President and our soldiers-heroes. And I want to say thanks because you stopped the terrible machine of death and gave life and hope,” said Jerusalem mayor, Moshe lion.

Leningrad survived. Nazism was crushed. Life has conquered death.

“I would like to say a few words. The monument is very good, it will remain, hopefully, forever. And it can be different. But the way you did today, thank you” — thanked the President of Russia.

the room sounds “Victory Day”, the voices of the heroes of the blockade.

Putin left the room, but responded to the request of the Israeli special forces to make a joint photo. Although every second counts — svirneliene program. The President presented the Order of Courage to the relatives of the hero of the Second world Feldgendler Leon, who led a revolt in the death camp Sobibor.

“He lost his parents, wife, sons. Passed suffering the horrors of the ghettos and death camps of Sobibor, but not discouraged. Showed the will to life, to victory, — said Putin.- Organized at camp international underground group. And raised to fight depleted, exhausted, have lost faith in justice and hope to people’s lives. Have made contact with came to the camp of Soviet prisoners of war, among whom was the intrepid Soviet officer Alexander Aronovich Pechersky. Together they were the inspirers and leaders of the unprecedented uprising of prisoners in Sobibor. Their feat is an example for all time and forever inscribed in the history of the world”.

“it is important to remember such a feat. Remember that never gave up, that fought, says Nitsa Shahs, Grand-niece of Leon Feldhendler. — I got a medal and a note in Russian, which at the bottom bears the signature of the President.”

Israel remembers. As in Russia, dtier Victory is celebrated on may 9 in the country and is a national holiday.

Benjamin Netanyahu next to Vladimir Putin during the official ceremony in memory of Holocaust victims at the memorial complex Yad Vashem. In the first row sat the Vice-President of the United States Penny, President of macron and British Prince Charles. In his speech, Putin refers to the documentary evidence of the liberation of Auschwitz by the red army.

“Read the military reports, the documents, which in detail told, how was organized the camp, acted as the cold-blooded machine of destruction, it is very difficult, unbearable, — says the Russian leader. — Marshal of the red Army Konev, commander of the then military operation to capture densely populated Silesian industrial region of Germany, used the tactic maximum saving civilians. And, after receiving a report on going on at Auschwitz atrocities, forbidden himself to even look at this camp. He later wrote in his memoirs: there was then no right to lose the mental strength to allow a fair sense of vengeance has not blinded him in the conduct of military operations and would not cause additional suffering and casualties among the civilian population of Germany.”

In the hall at that time was the President of Germany. Frank-Walter Steinmeier began his speech in Hebrew

“a Terrible war, which claimed over 50 million lives. That’s what made my country. After 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, I stand before you as the President of Germany, and felt enormous historical burden, the burden of guilt. And yet at the same time my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for those who survived the Holocaust, we stretch the hand of friendship. I am deeply moved by this spirit of reconciliation. Germany’s responsibility — she has no time limitation. We must remember our responsibility. And that is the main measure of all our acts. I thank you for this miracle of reconciliation”.

Vice-President Mike Pence recalled the contribution of the allied forces in the defeat of Nazism and promised to dthe self in everything to support Israel.

“the American people went through with you all the way from the 48-th year. And we will not abandon you,” said Pence.

the Holocaust in Israel is also called the Shoah, in translation it means “the catastrophe of the Jewish people”.

“the Crimes committed by the Nazis, their deliberate, planned, as they said, the final solution of the Jewish question, it colleagues, one of the darkest and shameful pages of the newest history of the world. But do not forget that this crime was and accomplices are accomplices. In cruelty, they often surpassed their masters. Death factories, concentration camps served not only the Nazis, but also their collaborators in many countries of Europe. In the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, where she handled the bandits, killed the greatest number of Jews. So, in Ukraine killed about 1.4 million Jews. In Lithuania destroyed 220 thousand people. This I want to draw your attention, dear friends, it is 95 percent of the prewar Jewish population of this country. The Holocaust is a deliberate destruction of people. We paid for it at this price, who never dreamed of before in the worst nightmares for any one nation — 27 million dead. We will never forget” — said Putin.

But today there are those who are trying to erase the memory of the heroism and victory and rewrite history. Putin urged world leaders to be vigilant and not to overlook, when the first germs of hatred, chauvinism and anti-Semitism.

“forgetfulness of the past, disunity in the face of threats, can lead to terrible consequences, — said Putin. — We must have the courage not only to say directly about it, but to do everything to protect and defend the world. Example, in my opinion, can and must set the country, the founder of the United Nations. Five powers, which bear special responsibility for the preservation of civilization. We talked with some colleaguesI. And, as I understand it, in General, saw positive reaction to hold a meeting of heads of States permanent members of the UN Security Council — Russia, China, USA, France and the UK. In any country, anywhere in the world where it will be convenient to colleagues. Russia is ready for such a serious conversation. We intend, without delay, to send an appropriate message to the leaders of five”.

“My dear friend, President Putin, I agree with you that five of the founding countries of the UN have a special responsibility, and now we need to get together and talk about it,” responded the proposal of the President of France Emmanuel macron.

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders laid wreaths at the eternal flame in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. In memory of all those killed in the most terrible war of humanity. Echoing the chief commandment: “Never again.”

what is happening today in Jerusalem, called politics. Tens of international delegations, heads of States, governments, parliaments. And stripped the city center, thousands of police on the streets, traffic jams — just the glare on the Grand chessboard. Davos suddenly appeared in the shadow of Jerusalem, where the unity of time and place allowed world leaders to discuss urgent problems

For Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu constant personal contacts — the basis for constructive relations between States. The meeting was attended by the Israeli Prime Minister and the spouse Sarah, and to a working lunch came the eldest son, Yair Netanyahu, is specially to be photographed with the Russian leader. Such meetings regardless of the intensity of the agenda are held in a warm atmosphere.

“me and my wife Sarah are pleased to welcome our great friend the President of the Russian Federation. We are glad to see you here in Jerusalem,” said Netanyahu.

“I want to thank You for the invitation. We regularly work very closely with the Prime Minister. Agreed about the visit to Israel. I am sure that this will benefit the development of our bilateral relations. And of course, we all have a big mission today to remember the victims of the Holocaust”, — said Putin.

Behind closed doors, they not only discussed political issues. At some point in the residence arrived Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III and the mother of the Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, convicted in September in Russia for drug trafficking. Jaffa, the girl’s mother, asked the Russian President to pardon a daughter. “My girl is so bright, she has a light in his eyes. She flew home to start a family. Bring her back, I miss her very much! Please, pardon her, she’s my whole life,” said the Jaffa Issachar. “Today it is visited by the MS Moskalkova, it deals with human rights in Russia, today she is your daughter going to visit”, — Putin promised.

two hours later, the Ombudsman visited the Israeli woman serving time in a Moscow prison. The details of her case enable you to consider early release of Naamah. “Issachar is not marketed drugs, she had no intent to sell them,” said the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova.

after Discussing the humanitarian problem with the Israeli counterpart, Vladimir Putin promised the mother of the Israeli woman that soon all will be well.

“it is clear To me that Naama from a very respectable family. And I know the position of the Prime Minister, who requests to take an appropriate decision. All this, of course, will be taken into account when making this final decision. My mother is very worried, I see it. I told her and I want to reiterate — all will be well,” Putin said.

Israeli media ahead of the visit of the Russian leader wrote that in addition to security issues, the coordination of the actions of the military and the humanitarian, policy raised the problem of ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Imperial Orthodox Palestine society in Jerusalem.

With President Reuven Rivlin, invited the Russian President to participate in forum in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, it was about historical memory about the Holocaust of European Jews during the Second World war, the salvation brought by the Jewish people by the red army soldiers.

“We all know the origin of anti-Semitism. But we don’t know where it ends,” said Rivlin.

“unfortunately, we know it — ends in Auschwitz, Putin said. Therefore we need to be very careful in order not to miss anything like this in the future and to confront any manifestations of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, wherever it happens and whoever didn’t come. The red army not only liberated Auschwitz, she made a decisive contribution to the fight against Nazism. And the Soviet people, the Russian people suffered greatly during this war. As for the tragedy of the Holocaust, forty percent of those killed, tortured the Jews — the Jews of the Soviet Union. So it is in the full sense of the word, our common tragedy with you.”

the Problem of European anti-Semitism ceased to be a figure of speech. Today this is a dangerous trend, which is used by irresponsible manipulators. Opposition to them is becoming a priority for policymakers.