Carlos Ghosn promised to tell how and why he escaped from Japan

the Escape of the former head of the concern Nissan from Japan to Lebanon is cluttered with new details. The Tokyo district public Prosecutor obtained a warrant for the arrest of his wife Carol for perjury. But the wife of avtomagnat out of reach, she left the country last spring. Meanwhile the Japanese authorities have already published the pictures which show how and from airport Osaka freely flies a business jet. Himself Carlos Ghosn promises to tell the truth at a press conference in Beirut.

In the most fashionable Christian district of Ashrafieh street Beirut Lebanon in the dark Windows and heavy doors with alarm system for several days now in hiding wanted by Interpol and the Japanese Prosecutor’s office the former head of “Renault-Nissan” Carlos Ghosn.

as soon As it became aware of the order of the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office for the arrest of the wife of Carlos Ghosn Carol gon, at her home in Beirut intensified not only journalists, but also the Interpol agents who are on duty around the clock.

a Private security firm — on each corner on the perimeter — security officials from Interpol alert: team – hold at all costs. The Lebanese Prosecutor’s office sends a Directive, the Rut causes the subpoenas, which if it is, then only on the territory of Lebanon. Through their Trustees Carlos Ghosn said that already on 8 January in the morning will speak to journalists in Beirut and will tell all. And, of course, the first thing details how and why he escaped from custody in Japan, who helped to run and as he crossed the border.

At the main office of the Parliament of Lebanon, there is no consensus. Some of the Pro-presidential deputies already were on the side of a top Manager, even more so, though in strict secrecy, Ghosn has already met with President of Lebanon Michel Aoun, and it is a clear signal, although the mediators in the Parliament meeting in every way to hide.

Directly in front of the crew VGTRK Deputy and the nephew of the President of Lebanon called. The conversation was in French. Perhaps it was the very posrednikey ahead of the press conference there is a lot of agreement.

“Between me and Gon has no direct or indirect contact, but it is worth noting that he crossed the border legally in the usual way, what is right. We from the point of view of the Lebanese state did not violate any international agreements with Japan and at the same time adhere to and comply with the law of his country,” — said the Deputy of Parliament of Lebanon Ala Aung.

the Family lawyer Gons Rashid Salam is doing everything possible to was no extradition, no trial in Lebanon.

meanwhile, in Japan prosecutors arrested a Deposit on a gun — $ 14 million in favor of the Treasury. Japanese prosecutors charged the wife of Carlos Ghosn of perjury, and the Rut of putting pressure on witnesses. Miss Gona, the Japanese security forces now through foreign relations put pressure on the government of Lebanon and trying whatever possible to rehabilitate and return Carlos Ghosn in Japan in handcuffs.