Guests of the Park “Patriot” in the Dagestan Derbent soon can show the only country in the wig. A machine that is able to fly above the water surface at speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour and remain invisible to radar when it was tested at the plant in Kaspiysk. During the restructuring, the project was suspended. For several decades, the device has been on the earth.

a Man in camouflage invites us to come inside: “Here is the pride of the Soviet Union!” This is his personal pride too. Stanislav Kotlyar, many years Keeper of the ekranoplan “LUN” — one of the largest in the world – in a hurry to show and to tell: the engines, of which there are eight compartments, including rocket, about fantastic possibilities. In speed with the winged classic naval ships will not be able to compete for another 150 years.

Strike the ship-the aircraft, the sensation of its time, in the end, never managed to become adopted. 74 meters in length, 19 in height. This specimen remained the only completed up to the end.

Perhaps the most appropriate epithet to describe the scale of the Gigant — enormous. They say when American intelligence for the first time recorded one of the wig, they even could not immediately determine what it was, but was so impressed that he nicknamed “the Monster of Caspian sea”.

Interestingly, the harsh nickname was loved by the locals that due to the abbreviations KM, that is, the prototype ship, loved proud to call the ekranoplan “Caspian sea monster”. Canned, he would remain hidden from prying eyes to secure facilities, if not the last arrangement of the fleet and the city authorities of Derbent.

However, as it takes an ekranoplan to the new Parking lot, still not clear — are too large its size. Perhaps the ship-the aircraft will have to be disassembled and transported in parts. But in any case, soon, “LUN” will occupy a Central place in the new Park “The patriot”, where on may 9 will impress with its scale of thousands of tourists.