The Iranian authorities: a Ukrainian plane was shot down by mistake

the Associated Press reported, citing an official statement of the Iranian authorities that the passenger plane “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down by Tehran unintentionally.

In a statement, the General staff of the Armed Forces States that the cause of the incident was “human error,” reports RIA Novosti. It is noted that during the flight the plane was in the immediate vicinity of one of the most important military facilities of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, and the shape and height of flight he resembled the enemy object. In addition to Toko, it is emphasized that several hours after the missile strikes of the Iranian Armed Forces at US military bases in Iraq significantly increased the number of flights by American military aircraft that was the cause of hypersensitivity among the departments of defense, reports TASS.

the foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif apologized for the downed Iranian military passenger plane. “A sad day. Preliminary findings of an internal investigation of the Armed Forces: human error during a crisis caused by the adventurism of the United States, led to disaster. We deeply regret, apologize and sympathy to our people, to the families of all victims and other affected countries”, — quotes the Minister of foreign Affairs, “Interfax”.

Earlier, an official of Iran categorically rejected the version that the Board was downed by the Iranian military, claiming that the cause of the tragedy was a technical malfunction.

As reported, the Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines”, EN route from Tehran to Kiev, crashed on the morning of 8 January, almost immediately after departure from the airport. Killing all 176 people aboard, most of them are citizens of Iran and Canada. Also on this flight were mostly nationals of Ukraine, Germany and British subjects.