Chelyabinsk students took part in public discussions of the amendments to the Constitution

the Chelyabinsk students today participated in public discussions of the amendments to the Constitution. About their necessity, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly.

the building of the legislative Assembly a public discussion of amendments to the Constitution held in the conference room. Usually there is live video-conferences and round tables. But today they invited more than a hundred students from five major Universities of Chelyabinsk. Student Alena Sorokina came to discuss one of the first. The girl is studying at the Institute of law of CSU. Her question is about how overdue amendments to the Constitution: “the Current Constitution of 1993, in some places is outdated. I would like to know how often amended because, given our legislation, it is necessary.”

Vladimir Myakush refers to the words of the head of state. Addressing the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin stressed that the Constitution has not yet exhausted its potential, however, some items need to be amended. They can be added as needed – after public discussions such as this. They are now held across the country. After all the amendments suggested by the President, will change the lives of everyone. So, it will toughen requirements to the highest officials. The Prime Minister, his deputies, Ministers, senators and deputies of the state Duma, governors and judges will not be able to have dual citizenship or residence permit in another country. And the President himself will not be able to hold this position for two terms.

in Addition to the political changes of the population of Russia are waiting and social transformation. For example, the regular indexation of pensions and increasing the minimum wage to a living wage – can be spelled out in the amendments to the basic law.

the President’s Speech to senators Vladimir Myakush called historical. South Ural the speaker of Parliament joined the working group of 85 people, which is preparing proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution. According to him, he will take into account the wishes of students. After all they are the future of the country.

“Will do, so that not one amendment left unanswered at the regional, Federal level”, – said the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the region Vladimir Myakush.

Public discussion of amendments to the Constitution are held in all regions. Proposals will be collected and carefully analyzed. After the state Duma will consider the law on amendments to the Constitution of Russia, the correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”.

Text: STRC “South Ural”