Fatal flights: Aeroflot finds out who trashed the containers with cats

the Airline “Aeroflot” intends to initiate a change in technology of loading pet animals. This decision was taken after an incident during a flight from new York to Moscow. Two cats who were being transported in Luggage, suffered serious injuries during transport. The third frostbite diagnosed. The shocked owner demands to open a criminal case under article “cruelty to animals”. The airline promises to punish the perpetrators.

– This is sadism!

As killed his cat, Maximus tells in detail. Flight of Aeroflot from new York to Moscow. Takes two in salon, two flying in the cargo hold and one other liner with a stopover in Bulgaria. And in Sheremetyevo, he was given the wrecked containers. He’s trying to bring injured cats to the house — live in Sofia — but not in time.

“One cat from internal bleeding died on the flight from Moscow to Sofia. Second two hours after landing on the table at the vet,” — said Maxim Chumachenko.

Another cat traveled in Luggage compartment, got frostbite. Paws in the bubbles.

“the Skin will peel off, of course. Had to stick to their own urine,” — says Maxim Chumachenko.

Maxim is a professional zoocourier. Over 20 years in the business has transported thousands of animals. The death of a perfectly healthy happened for the first time. At the airport, of course, appealed to the representatives of the airline, claims to reaction to problem not.

Here is how the company commented on the incident.

“Aeroflot” sincerely regrets this situation. This incident is in the area of responsibility of the company “Sheremetyevo-of Hunding”, which carries the baggage of all flights of “Aeroflot” at Sheremetyevo airport. We will make sure all possible efforts to make the perpetrators of this situation was brought to justice. We believe it is necessary to reconsider the technologies of the baggage handling and transportation description: main features:to with Pets hindimovie structures of all Russian airports,” — said Faith Abanina, Deputy head of the press service of JSC “Aeroflot”.

And, it seems, measures will have to take on the background of scandals involving the transportation of Pets. A case with too thick a cat, lost during the transport of a dog (brought, but with a delay). Yuri Kuklachev is also once froze to death dogs in the Luggage compartment. Although the temperature should not drop below plus 10 degrees if everything is working properly.

“There always are areas separate heated is not necessary to drag the animals to the salon. But they are spoiled. It is necessary to force them to do so as necessary. And those who want — please take it to the salon,” — said Yuri Kuklachev, people’s artist of Russia, the trainer of cats.

the Company is working with Luggage in Sheremetyevo, official comment has not yet provided. Who and how destroyed the cages with the cats, out there. But the owner of the animal an oral apology is brought.

“What I want in return? I want to take a gun and shoot. because they treat animals. I’d like to know the names of these people, Yes, really would like. And would like to follow their fate, to never in my life these people are unable to obtain any good work, any preferences in this life”, — said Maxim Chumachenko.

Sue aircraft or baggage for compensation of moral harm Maxim does not intend to. But only if it will provide proof that the punishment of the guilty and not try to shirk responsibility.