After the desert World Cup in Qatar, TV presenter Alexander Bommes will not be available for the Handball World Cup in Poland and Sweden (January 11-29). For health reasons he canceled the ARD. The broadcaster announced this on Thursday afternoon.

The 46-year-old Bommes, formerly a handball professional himself (Dormagen, Gummersbach, among others), said: “After a year in which I, like many people, had to accept some health restrictions, I want to complete further recovery and therefore consequently refrain from the moderation of this year’s Handball World Championship. “It is not publicly known which illness he has to cure.

Bommes will be replaced by Stephanie Müller-Spirra (39), who was born in Erfurt and is making her World Cup debut. The former handball world champion of 2007, Dominik Klein (39), supports you as an ARD expert.

“Of course I’m very curious about everything that’s to come,” said Müller-Spirra. Standing in for Bommes is “a huge task, but I will give everything – together with Dominik Klein. Above all, I hope that Alex himself will soon be healthy and happy in front of the camera again.” Sports journalist Florian Naß (54) works as a reporter.

Bommes sees the ARD in a good position. “Dominik Klein is in competent and friendly hands with Stephanie – and I’m very happy about that.” Jessy Wellmer jumped in at short notice.

The German national team completed the last two endurance tests for the World Cup at the weekend. The game against Iceland on Saturday in Bremen is sold out, as is the duel against the same opponent on Sunday in Hanover. After the two games, the DHB selection travels to Barsinghausen for the final preparation for the World Cup. On January 12th we will go to Kattowitz, where the Asian champions Qatar, Serbia and Algeria are the preliminary round opponents of the team of national coach Alfred Gislason.