Concert on Mamayev Kurgan: sunset in the sky and native songs

On the Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, a gala concert was held. The broadcast was on the TV channel “Russia 1” all over the country. What about the place?

the legendary Mamaev Kurgan musicians and artists decided to come for many hours before the concert. Here the musician tuning their instruments. This youth orchestra assembled by Maestro Yuri Bashmet, head of the project. “Children, teenagers representing all regions of the country arrived. Heroic here rehearsing. Yesterday half the night rehearsing. Nobody make a sound. They are very seriously preparing for it. A very serious part of the artists, soloists,” said people’s artist of the USSR.

“I think this concert I still had no feeling. This year I played a concert in the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky, the fees from which went to Rzhev monument not less bloody battle. I couldn’t be here,” admitted Denis Matsuev, people’s artist of Russia.

the center of the colorful scenery of the impressive steel sculpture “the Motherland calls” and design of the larger screens-wings, which are carefully “fit” into the complex of historical monuments. The scenery was to be seen can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The monument and screens projected footage of a military chronicle.

“It’s my childhood. It is the memory of my grandfathers, great-grandfathers, who all fought. Many of them never returned from the front,” said people’s artist of Russia Sergei Bezrukov.

Hall emotional reacted to each performance. Eugene Kuropatov, 97-year-old veteran who defended Stalingrad, and despite the age, specially flown in for the concert from Moscow, too, could not restrain his emotions. “God gave that I’m standing here for my family, for those comrades who were with me in Stalingrad, which I forget, yet I myself don’t dig, I can not”, — said the veteran.

Sunset in the sky. The majestic Volga, as if covered fire. And such native songs. And even when over the city the clouds gathered and suddenly a downpour started that neither the artists nor the audience nor leading it did not stop.

“This is gratitude and the memory of the people who lie here, I’m here to sing. I personally take this day, and the songs are very beautiful” — said Polina Agureeva, honored artist of Russia.

“I started to sing the song “Cranes”, while still a schoolboy. And here with her and began my great love songs of the war years” — said the Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov.

This amazing evening concert was extraordinary and the composition of performers, and front-line songs, and the emotions that were experienced and those who are sitting here at Heroes square Mamayev Kurgan, and those who watched the concert on TV.

“the songs remembered from childhood. They convey character, meaning, and pain, and positive, for which laid down his life,” said Igor Butman, people’s artist of Russia.

“We need to remember that our ancestors did, why and what we live for. This is the most important holiday, the biggest celebration of our country”, — says Mikhail Porechenkov, people’s artist of Russia.

the concert-Requiem went on a little two hours. The starry sky is the dome “revived” scenography and as a solemn chord music — military songs we all remember and love.

Text: “News of the week”