Confrontation between the US and Iran: what might be the consequences for the trump

Apparently, it is too early to perceive the relations between the US and Iran as the world. Today it trump that the representatives of Iran to the UN was seen as a “defeat” his replied the generals of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. In their view, the Pentagon should be put in “knockout”, and missile strikes are only the beginning. Explanation, however, was not followed. In any case, today, January 9, it became clear other: Iran carefully aiming at U.S. bases and three hours before the attack made it so that she was known to Washington. The mediators of the conflicting parties was made by EU diplomats in Tehran. On published online footage of the destruction clearly visible: suffered only empty aircraft hangars and several technical rooms. Later, the agreement between the US and Iran confirmed by CBS reporter published a photograph from the situation room of the President of the trump. American leader in the environment Vice-President, the generals and chiefs of the Pentagon stabv watching “slap in the face” of Tehran, crossing her arms. It calm trump provoked hysteria among his allies in Congress — there are steps the White house has called an “affront to the Constitution.”

the round table of the UN security Council free and one space left. Americans, violating the obligation of the country where the headquarters of the world organization, and was not given a visa to Iranian foreign Minister Zarif.

“the formation of a polycentric multi-polar world has gained irreversible. Not everyone is comfortable with. Attempts of revisionism in relation embodied in the UN Charter and principles of international law are disguised in a beautiful shell. The most striking example of this was the now fashionable concept of order based on rules. These rules are selected and applied depending on the requirements, — said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.

the peacemaker decided to play the American Ambassador to Kelly Kraft. Like, now USA goTova for negotiations with Tehran without preconditions, she wrote on the eve of sent colleagues a letter. To say Crafting is “no”, the Iranian Ambassador Majid Takht-Ravanchi did not wait for a personal meeting. He rejected the proposal, saying that the unprecedented sanctions that trump the day before promised to roll out instead of war, does not mean that Washington was configured peacefully. Quote: “as long as the US continues to insist on hostility, negotiations have no meaning.”

But Iran itself does not want a further escalation. Night attack on the base Ein al-Assad was a response to the death of Soleimani, said Takht-Ravanchi. Tehran believes that the legendary commander avenged. New launches missiles Fateh-313 is not planned and if Washington will not dare to provocation, not at all. The Americans, of course, portrayed it as their success. Fly in the ointment, however, were the two rockets that fell yesterday, January 8, in the so-called green zone in Baghdad.

“We are getting encouraging messages from intelligence. Tehran gave the command combat units, so they do not against American facilities and American citizens. We hope that this letter will reach the addressee”, — said Vice-President Mike Pence.

But Washington to reach out to his, that is, to NATO allies, did not happen. Even in words, the Alliance unanimously did not support US in the story of the assassination Soleimani. However, Americans continue to act as usual. Here fresh plums from the state Department regarding the withdrawal of troops from Iraq:

“I can’t predict what the Iraqi Parliament is going to do or say, but I believe that the resolution is non-binding. Who in Iraq wants to implement the resolution on the withdrawal of troops? I think that no one in the Iraqi government wouldn’t like that at the moment” — quote anonymous state Department official of high rank.

looks Like hidden under diplomatic momentum black mark. Department anonymous, making it clear to Iraqi officials that their wishes may not coincide with the wishes of Washington, as if reminds them of the fate of those who wanted to act independently, as, for example, former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose political ambitions with an eye on Elysee Palace reset time of the incident the scandal with a maid in a new York hotel.

as for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, back in October, trump himself said that the Sands of the Middle East, the United States knowingly buried eight trillion dollars (specifically on Iraq in 17 years it took 800 billion), and despite all these injections, the presence of Americans in Iraq was one step away from an inglorious conclusion. To buy love Democrats that, however, did not work, don’t buy it and the current stiffness.

America is the land of permanent election cycle and the current crisis around Iran, of course, already woven into the campaign — and the President and those in Congress. The senators criticized the briefing, which had Pompeo. “We have been told this argument: the army received permission for the operation against Saddam Hussein in 2002. And this government justify now all they are doing in Iraq, including the killing of an Iranian General. I don’t know how you can logically explain it. How is the war with Saddam Hussein with the people who now live in Iraq?” commented Senator of Congress from the Republican party, Rand Paul.

it is not repeated even with Iran, in the lower house today, January 9, consider the resolution, which should limit the powers of the trump. The main conduit of ideas — speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Protection of American citizens is our primary responsibility, the protection and defence of the oath that we take,” said an American politician.

She is now torn between Iran and impeachment, and so is the chance that both threads somehow xhitroumno combine. Meanwhile, the speaker continues to hold voted of the article without sending them to the Senate, for which he receives regular Twitter rebuke from trump:

“Pelosi does not want to pass articles of impeachment, which were created by corrupt politicians in the first place such as quirky Schiff. After all, for so many years of investigations and prosecutions, they have not proved anything. This is all a joke and fraud”.

Democrats insist on calling additional witnesses. Republicans opposed. The future course of the process in the upper house trump at a closed meeting at the White house on the eve discussed it with majority leader Mitch McConnell. Special leaks there, but there is one topic which is hardly surpassed in the conversation.

a Preliminary agreement to testify in the Senate gave former national security adviser John Bolton. He was present at the conversation with trump Zelensky, he for many years dreams of open war with Iran. In General, for trump Bolton, perhaps the most uncomfortable to witness.