The President of Abkhazia is ready to enter in the country state of emergency

if necessary, in Abkhazia will be declared state of emergency. With the corresponding statement was made by President Raul Khajimba. This decision is connected with the opposition rally.

According to the head of the state, such a development is negotiated at the security Council, RIA Novosti reports.

meanwhile, speaker of the Abkhazian Parliament Valery kvarchia after the meeting with the deputies about the situation in the country was hospitalized with a heart attack. When doctors were 73-year-old speaker to the ambulance, he urged the people to exercise prudence and to avoid escalation of the conflict

opposition Supporters who carried out a protest rally in Sukhumi, need to set a date for early presidential elections. One of the organizers of the rally Akhra Avidzba noted that they expect to address this issue. Opposition leader ulhas Kvitsinia said that to resolve the crisis must connect the members of the National Assembly. According to him, if they will not take any decision, and the situation gets out of control, the state will be permanently lost.

the leader of the opposition and concurrently head of the party “amtsakhara” noted that the organizers of the rally are all the people on the square in front of the presidential administration.

According to the protesters, in the last election, Raul Khadzhimba received a majority of votes, therefore it is necessary a new vote.

Earlier it was reported that on Thursday, January 9, protesters broke into the building of the presidential administration of Abkhazia. Guards used force against the protesters. The protesters said that do not disperse until you get the decision of the cassation Board of the Supreme court about a recognition illegal results of elections of the President.

In the presidential administration, in turn, has called the protests a coup attempt. The head of the Republic told Interfax that he continues to exercise his powers and did not intend to escape. According to him, in currently there are activities that will help to localize the events.